About Agriculture Field:

Nowadays, agribusiness is as technically advanced as any other industry. In U.S.; products like steroids, antibiotics and hormones are regularly given to dairy and meat animals. Steroids are useful for meat animals to enhance the rate of transforming feed into muscle. Hormones, when administered in meat animals helped to increase their weight, and in cows it increased the milk production.

Hormones are used for fruits and vegetables as well. Fruits that are to be shipped are plucked before they are ripe, so that they do not spoil during the journey. After reaching the target place, it is treated with a chemical called ethylene. It helps the fruits to ripen.

In order to cure some illness, antibiotics are administered to animals. For example, in the poultry business, it is difficult to isolate chickens that are ill due to the huge number. Hence, all the chickens are treated together. It is done by mixing antibiotics in the poultry feed and drinking water.

As such, a diet of corn may also affect their digestive system and cause serious infections. Antibiotics are mostly applied as therapeutic doses that are not huge enough to treat an illness. Such practice of treatment promotes the propagation of antibiotic-resistant bacteria. Harmful bacteria can increase speedily throughout a population and then be transferred to them who consume uncooked or undercooked meat.

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