Career Paths in Agriculture Field

Agriculture is a vast and diverse industry, and it is comprised of various sectors. Large number of men and women are needed to run an agricultural industry. There are various disciplines in the agricultural field. There are various agricultural careers in fish hatcheries, flower nurseries, apple orchards, slaughterhouses and many more. The most prominent are farm workers.

They constitute about 90 percent of the industry workers. Farm workers need minimum education. However, as per the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), such jobs in the agricultural field will reduce in the near future to be replaced by advanced machinery.

Also, there are good agricultural careers in small-scale farming, mostly of the organic type. Agricultural careers in this sector include managers, farm and ranch owners, and personnel to control ripening facilities and cold storage. Agricultural graders are responsible for classifying products like fruits and eggs. An agricultural inspector assesses the hygiene of the dispensation facilities. Such professional agricultural careers need an agriculture degree along with some knowledge of the agricultural field.

There are also other agriculture careers where you don't have to get your hands dirty. Such a type of a career is the commodities merchant who buys and sells agricultural products like cocoa, grain etc. He also ensures of a consistent supply of such commodities to consumers.

Other agricultural career paths include ecologists, agronomists, and logistics. Economists study and consult farmers about the environmental impact on farming and ecology. Agronomists are responsible for research work in the agricultural field, and most of them have doctorates.

Other agricultural careers include chemists, agricultural scientists, bioengineers, and agricultural engineers. You need to pursue a degree according to the career path, you wish to follow.

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