Issues regarding Agriculture

An important and controversial issue about the agricultural industry is regarding subsidies given to farmers. Some people think that subsidies given to farmers should be curbed, as farmers are earning more money with bumper crops due to high food prices and the increasing requirement of biofuel crops.

According to them, such a move will reduce the cost for the U.S. taxpayer, and also will ensure free trading across the world. The bill regarding subsidies for farmers was passed by the Congress. In this bill, the subsidies for farmers were increased in some cases. There are various reasons for that including a wish to maintain agricultural careers within the country along with security reasons, and the pressure from lobbyists.

We will see how these farm subsidies affect the U.S. citizens. Take the example of junk food. In U.S., junk food mostly contains the component which is mostly based on soybeans, wheat, corn, along with sugar and fats derived from corn. All these crops are subsidized which makes them less costly to produce. As a result, they often will be a part of your diet as compared to non-subsidized crops.

Another issue regarding agriculture is regarding imported food. U.S. is importing food worth $65 billion per year. However, consumer groups are demanding that they have a right to know about the origin of the food on their plate, whether it is from a foreign soil or their own.

They want the food to be labeled with the name of the country where it was cultivated. However, another group feels that it will only add an extra burden on the industry.

Other clauses that are included in the bill are regarding the food stamps program, and pilot food aid program. These programs are about buying local food, and donating and distributing it among the poor countries. This bill also emphasizes on organic farming and encourages research in organic farming through extra funding.

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