Architecture and Interior Design Careers

Careers in Architecture and Interior Design

Architecture careers are mainly classified into residential and commercial architecture careers. Architects working for residential projects are responsible for designing private dwellings including residential apartments, bungalows and row houses. Some architects design for commercial projects that include office buildings, corporate houses, industrial buildings and country clubs. They also work on institutional structures such as public libraries, college buildings and government buildings.

The architecture field incorporates many engineering disciplines including mechanical, structural and electrical engineering. They also involve interior and landscape designing. An architecture firm may be involved in any or all of the above working areas of architecture.

Architecture firms have employees in the range of 1 to 100 employees. However, on average an architecture firm has 10 employees. As many employees have some degree of knowledge of the construction process, many firms appoint an architect when a residence project is launched. A good architect including an interior designer carefully listens and understands the requirements of the client; implements his ideas into substantial designs and provides support during the various phases of the project development.

Clients choose an architect, interior designer or architectural firms in the similar way they select other personnel. They consult their friends as well as associates about the architects and designers who have developed or worked on similar kind of projects. They also gather information through architectural digests and other related magazines. Clients also take help from the American Institute of Architects who have a list of local architects and designers.

There are various design publications which enlist architects and designers as resources. Architects promote themselves in such publications. However, there are some selective architecture firms which are very well known. They are choosy in selecting their project. Such icon players in the architecture field include Richard Meier, Santiago Calatrava and Frank Gehry.

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