Biotech Careers

In the biotech careers, there are two types of research that are carried out: Basic and Applied. The basic research is carried out without any defined aim and the goal is just to expand the knowledge. On the other hand, the applied research is carried out for solving a particular problem. Biologist who work in applied research or development, use the knowledge gained from the basic research to develop new drugs, treatments, and improve the quality and quantity of crops.

In the biotech careers, the biologists carry out following tasks:-

A Ph.D. degree is required to get into biotech careers. A Ph. D degree is enough for individual research or industrial research, and college teaching. A master's degree is enough for the same jobs in applied research, product development, management, or inspection. A master's degree generally takes 2 years. A bachelor's degree in biological science is also enough for non-research jobs. Many colleges and universities offer bachelor's degree in biological science, and related sciences.

In addition, the courses in chemistry and botany, and related knowledge in mathematics, physics, engineering and computer science is also beneficial. Computer knowledge is useful in research work.

Other necessary skills:-
In the biotech careers, they usually work independently or as a part of team, so they should have good oral and written communication skills. Those spending their career in management or administration work should be able to use business and management techniques and apply strategic policies wherever necessary. Those doing field research in remote areas must have good physical stamina. Biologist job involves detailed and long research jobs so they should be patient and self disciplined. They should have strong decision-making and problem solving skills.

Place of work:-
In the biotech careers, most of the time is spent in laboratories. They conduct research in labs and in offices write up results. In the career of a biologist, they are usually not exposed to unsafe and unhealthy conditions. Many biological scientists like botanists, zoologists, and ecologists, do field work and that involves a lot of traveling. Biotechnologists usually work for 40 hours a week but some of them may work for longer hours. However, those in research may have to work for longer hours.

Job Opportunities:-
The biotech careers have great scope as lecturers in colleges and universities. Most of the jobs are also available in Federal, state and local governments for basic research and development. Some of the biologists are also needed in pharmaceutical, medicine manufacturing industries and testing labs. Besides these, the biotech careers offer different job opportunities. They are as follows:-

Related Occupations:-
Many other occupations deal with living organisms and are similar to a career of biologists. These include agricultural and food scientists, medical scientists, conservation scientists, foresters, and also engineering and natural sciences managers. Other health related specialties include dentists, veterinarians, physicians and surgeons.

In the biotech careers, the average annual salary for entry-level scientists is good. The salary also depends on the employers, type of work, and experience the candidates have. The salary is better in federal and state government jobs. The average annual salary for biological scientists is comparatively good and increases with years of experience and the skills they improve.

Job Progress:-
In the biotech careers, biologists with years of experience in research can become lead researchers and control a team of biologists and technicians. Some may work as a consultant in business or government agencies. They can carry out research on their own and supervise others. Others move into managerial positions and become natural sciences managers. They are involved in planning and administering programs for testing foods and drugs.

Employment forecast:-
The biotech careers expected to grow faster as compared to other occupations. The biotechnology industry is now booming and is expected to be in demand in future as well. Especially in developing countries like India, this industry is expected to have a bright future. Biologists will be needed in research labs to discover new and improved methods to keep the environment clean and safeguard the living organisms.

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