Carpenters Career

Carpenters play an important part in the field of building construction. They also contribute to building of highways, installation of kitchen cabinets, and building bridges. Carpenters erect, construct, and repair structures made from wood.

Nature of Work
Every carpentry work differs; however, some involve the same fundamental steps. The supervisors instruct the carpenters and allocate them blueprints for marking, measuring, and arranging materials in respect to local building codes. Carpenters cut and shape plastic, wood, drywell, and fiberglass using power tools such as planes, chisels, sanders, drills, and saws. Subsequently, they join the materials with screws, nails, adhesives, and staples.

In the final step, a carpenter deals with final check of the exactness of his/her work with rules, levels, framing squares, plumb bobs, surveying equipment, and make required adjustment.

While working with pre-assembled components like wall panels and stairs, the carpenter's task gets simpler as it does not require much layout and cutting work. These prefabricated components are designed and modified with the intention of providing easy and fast installation.

Many carpenters do a variety of carpentry tasks whereas; some specialize in a particular area. A carpenter has to possess a wide spectrum of carpentry skills to remodel homes and other structures. Carpenters frame partitions, walls, build stairs, put in doors and windows, install cabinets, etc.

Some carpenters are highly trained they often switch from remolding work to residential building or commercial construction. Carpenters who work with large construction company may execute only few major tasks like constructing wooden forms for pouring concrete. Some carpenters build brattices, tunnel bracing, and underground passageways.

Some firms employ carpenters to work outside the construction industry. These carpenters execute a variety of tasks including maintenance and installation. Their work may include replacing ceiling tiles, panes of glass, doors, repair cabinets, desks, and other furniture. The carpentry work also consists of installing doors, partitions, windows, repair broken furniture, and change locks. In some manufacturing firms, carpenters may help in installing and moving machinery.

Work Environment
Sometimes, carpentry work may become strenuous. Prolonged bending, climbing, standing, and keeling are required. Carpenters have to be very careful while using sharp tools as they are likely to get hurt. Some carpenters work indoors while others work outdoors. The carpenters who work outdoors need to be aware of variable weather conditions.

Educational Qualification
Carpenters acquire their knowledge through formal and informal training programs. Some manufacturing firms offer on-the-job training to their employees. They offer special classroom training to enhance employees' skills required to execute given tasks perfectly. Carpentry is an art that can be learnt by practice. Candidates who completed school classes in algebra, English, physics, geometry, blueprint reading, mechanical drawing, and general shop help student to get into this field. A carpenter has to carry out following responsibilities.


Skills Set

  • Knowledge of equipments, tools, and other materials required for carpentry work
  • Knowledge of various techniques employed in carpentry trade
  • Skills in restoration, repair, construction, and installation of wood and related materials
  • Ability to estimate materials and time required for the project
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills

    Employment Opportunities
    Candidates who completed formal apprenticeship programs receive certification as journey persons. Candidates may obtain other certifications in scaffold building, pump work, and torque bolting. These certifications show that the carpenter is able to deal with any work related to their respective field.

    Generally, carpenters have many opportunities compared to other workers in the field of construction. Carpenters are important in the process of building construction. Carpenters who can communicate in English as well as in Spanish have good future in the market of United States.

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