Glaziers Career

Glaziers are accountable for cutting, selecting, installing, removing, and replacing all kinds of glasses. Generally, they work on many types of projects. Glass is used in many ways in modern life. Insulated and specially treated glass is kept in cooled or warmed air that provides sound control and good compression. Some special glasses like laminated and tempered make windows and doors more secure.

In large commercial buildings, laminated and tempered glass gives a distinctive look whilst lessening the need for artificial lighting. The innovative and creative use of glass doors, skylights, large windows, and sunroom additions make home spacious, bright, and inviting.

Nature of Work
A glazier has to execute a number of works at one time. They work on site as well as in houses. Residential glazing includes a variety of works such as installing glass mirrors, replacing glass in home windows, shower doors, bathtub enclosures, display cases, and fitting glass for tabletop.

In large commercial interior projects, a glazier has to install items such as decorative room dividers, heavy, etched, and security windows. A glazing project may involve replacement of windows for companies and firms such as auto dealerships, supermarkets, and banks. In large commercial buildings, glaziers set up metal framework extrusions and install curtain walls or glass panels.

Apart from working with glass, a glazier may work with granite, plastics, marble, and other related materials used for glass substitutes like laminates and films, which improve the safety and durability of the glass. The glass may be fixed in aluminum or steel frames or sashes and attach hinges and locks to glass doors.

Sometimes, the glass is mounted or precut in frames at a contractor's shop or a factory. Subsequently, it is carried to workplace where glaziers put it in position and secure it in place. Glaziers may use a hoist or crane to elevate the heavy and large piece of glass. Once glass is arrived at the job site, glaziers secure it with putty, mastic, bolts, glazing compound, rubber gaskets, metal clips, and wood or metal modeling.

When glaziers secure glass using rubber gasket, they first secure the gasket around and then put the glass into the perimeter within the opening, then set the glass into the split side of the gasket, and finally, hold the glass firmly in fixed place. In some jobs, a glazier should cut the glass manually at the worksite. Glaziers cut the glass using special tool that has small and hard metal wheel. Following is the job tasks for glaziers.

Job Tasks

A glazier has to deal with many responsibilities. At workplace, they measure mirrors and make out its dimensions of areas. They measure, fit, cut, and press anti-glare adhesive film to spray glass or glass with tinting solution to avoid light glare. A glazier has to pack spaces between glass and moldings with glazing compounds.

A glazier gives final look to the glass of a building. They cut the glass on rack edges or against cutting tables. Glaziers have to read and interpret specifications and blueprints to determine shape, size, type, color, and thickness of glass. They have to select color and types of mirrors or color according to specifications. Glaziers have to cement and assemble parts of stained glass together. They discuss with customers to determine project requirements and give them cost estimate.

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