Brand Manager: An Exciting Career

Consumer goods marketing field have various careers associated with it. Some careers are regarding direct sales and some of marketing strategy. In a marketing career, it is important to have sense of ownership of the product or service along with good understanding of the consumer's needs and translate these needs into communication, advertising, marketing or sales.

Brand manager is the manager of a product or service; he is the monarch of the marketing world.

The Brand manager career is a high profile career. Now strong brands and firm marketing programs are an essential part of the business world to capture the market share. Job titles like brand manager, product manager or marketing manager are frequently used to describe the same occupation.

Company takes various factors into account while deciding the responsibilities of a brand manager. Size of the company and the number of brands is the foremost factor. Company with hundreds of different brands has many brand managers, or even assistant brand managers with a good deal of authority over a particular brand. While in companies with a few brands, brand managers only concentrate on a few areas of a brand.

Traditionally, international brand managers have more control as compared to brand managers in the local company. However, the daily functions of international brand managers often incline more towards operations, rather than strategy or marketing. International brand management may be divided into halves. Global brand managers are more intentional, focusing on subjects like how to keep brand equity and how to improve product offerings etc. The local brand managers are more strategic. They are responsible for executing global plans which are handed over to them and fine-tune them for local consumers.

Consumer goods firms have different levels of significance for their brands or marketing departments. Freedom as well as authority of a brand manager is determined by the level of importance on finance or operations issues. However, brand management is a potential marketing career path. In some of the companies, marketing is the way to general management.

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