Careers in Marketing

Consumer Goods Marketing field is responsible for protecting wealth, money, funds and valuables. Banks also provide loans, credit for eligible aspirants. Consumer Goods Marketing sector also provide many other services including money orders, payment services, demand drafts, accounts checking, fixed deposits, lockers, cashier's checks etc.

Many consumer goods marketing institutions also urge people for savings, insurance and investment plans. Consumer goods marketing sector is evolving with time. However, its chief objective remains the same which is depositing and lending money as per requisite and eligibility.

Following are the different fields of consumer goods marketing that provide various careers opportunities:

Brand Management:

In the brand management field, job positions are concerned with a product instead of particular functional areas. In the brand management field, you job profile might be like an assistant brand manager for Cheerios. This structure helps you to become an expert in areas of manufacturing, communications, research and development, and sales.

In brand management, one is responsible for making decisions regarding business strategy, product development, pricing, direction, and profit and loss accountability.


If you are interested in commercials more than just watching it on television then advertising careers in marketing is a good option for you. An account executive is responsible for working as a connection between your brand management client and your advertising agency. Account executives handle the entire creative production process from the start to finish. Apart from the creative process, account executives are also have expertise in exploiting various options like direct marketing, traditional media, digital media and other related services.

Direct marketing:

Direct marketing is concerned with one to one marketing. Direct marketers collect databases of individual consumers who fall in their target market, approach them and handle the production process from strategy inception to distribution. Direct marketers mainly have two goals. One is to remain in contact with present customers, and the other is to procure more business by finding individuals who fit a target market.

Price marketing/Sales forecasting:

Pricing is determined by the market force. However, brand managers always have some pricing flexibility which significantly affects market share as well as profitability. Another major aspect of general management is forecasting the sales of the product. In this, the brand manager has to keep track of sales trends about a particular product and also predict reactions to marketing promotion, campaigns, product launches or changes.

High-tech marketing:

In high-tech marketing, you can work with products and technologies which redesign and perk up the world around us. High-tech marketers believe that they can modify the way a person interacts with the world. High-tech marketers spend most of their time in research and development issues and new product launches. It is more challenging to understand how consumers relate to a particular product.

Market research:

Market research is a field for those who are analytical in nature and interested in numbers and statistics. A product becomes highly effective when the company identifies with the consumer. Market researchers play an important role in this area. They analyze consumers using different qualitative and quantitative research techniques. Different methods are used including surveys, focus groups, tracking systems, satisfaction monitors, psychographic as well as demographic models, and trial evaluation to understand how consumers rate their products.

Public relations:

Public relations professionals are responsible for handling company relations and interaction with the outer world effectively. You can work in a public relations agency as well as for the public relations department of a company as a public relations executive. PR executive is responsible for writing public releases in local and national publications and enhancing ideas that will amplify the importance of the brand.

Marketing consulting

There are many consulting firms which hire industry or functional experts who focus on marketing issues. These consulting firms hire the people who are proficient in the field of branding, market research, relationship marketing, pricing strategy and business marketing. They also tend to recruit people with previous marketing experience. McKinsey and Monitor have started to recruit marketing specialists. All major ad agencies also are focusing on marketing strategy beyond just advertising.

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