Energy, Oil and Gas Careers

About Energy, Oil and Gas Field:

In the energy sector, fuel is produced, transformed and distributed for light, heat and propulsion. Coal, oil as well as natural gas are blazed to produce light and electricity. Also wind, energy, water and solar energy are converted into electrical energy. Oil is refined for bikes, cars, airplanes and industrial machineries.

In order to accomplish these objectives, there are many companies who produce, convert, transport and distribute these energy resources. These companies are maintained by different service companies, financiers and equipment suppliers.

Oil and gas companies and electrical power generating companies perform differently. However, a number of jobs that are provided by both of these sectors are almost the same. The Oil and gas sector mainly deals with mining and processing of oil and natural gas. On the other hand, electrical generation business is concerned with converting fuel into electric energy in power plants, and distributing that electricity to customers. The monitories of these two fields as well as regulatory bodies that direct them are rather different. People seeking a career in the energy sector have to select between these fields, and usually they don't switch during their career.

Energy sector is very vast. It comprises different diverse activities, and energy companies in U.S. obtain more than $1 trillion in revenue per year out of the $20 trillion earned by all other businesses. In the energy sector, almost 3 million people are employed which is about 2 percent of the total workforce in the U.S. The World economy is greatly affected by change in the price of oil. It not only affects the energy sector but also various other fields including transportation, the price of all commodities and services, and the availability of food and accommodation.

Oil companies are involved in the discovery and production of oil products, oil refining and transportation as well as petroleum product wholesale and retail distribution. The big companies are known as majors, while small companies are known as independents. Upstream jobs (job in refineries) are considered to be the most glamorous job. However some companies concentrate on midstream (transportation) and downstream (distribution) jobs.

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