Engineering Careers

Engineering is involved in every industry in which a product is designed, manufactured and repaired. Engineering can be defined as application, mathematical and scientific theories, knowledge and judgment in order to develop a product to fulfill certain needs.

Engineers are responsible for manufacturing mechanical systems, developing infrastructure, making aircrafts, developing software and assessing industrial organization.

About Engineering Field:

The Engineering field has an extended and long history. With this only, one can find out how to build the Pyramids, or send people or spacecraft to the moon? Engineering history is also filled with great personalities like Leonardo Da Vinci, Newton, Thomas Edison, James Watt, and Henry Ford. Basically, engineering has five basic disciplines including mechanical, civil, electrical, chemical and industrial engineering.

Along with basic engineering discipline, there are many other focused engineering fields which include information technology, nuclear, electronics, biomedical, aerospace, biotechnology and environmental engineering. As per professional societies' reports, there are more than 25 engineering areas of expertise and with the development of science and technology, new engineering fields will also emerge. If you are seeking a career in the engineering field, you should have good problem solving skills. Also, you should be good at subjects like mathematics and science.

A primary feature of engineering is application of scientific, mathematical or mechanical knowledge practically. For example, civil engineers usually assign a project to repair roads and bridges, build dams and irrigation systems, and provide water treatment processes or public transportation systems. They also examine constructed structures to ensure that they are sound. Usually the word civil engineering is associated with projects allied with public works. However, the work involves application of principles of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering or other specific fields.

Engineers are hired by manufacturers to devise and make various products such as mechanical machinery, consumer goods, industrial electronics appliances, fabricated metals, transportation equipment, chemical compounds, medicines, pharmaceuticals, aircrafts, communication equipment, buildings and space vehicles. Engineers also make the production processes efficient.

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