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About Fashion Field:

Fashion career is a right choice for those who really enjoy the perks of this field like amazing garments, interaction with celebrated personalities and brands, astonishing assortment, knowledge of imminent trends and style.

Candidates seeking a career in the fashion industry find this career outstanding, even though they have to struggle. Fashion career is not all about fame and glamour. To achieve success in this field, one should have a good knowledge of the industry along with talent.

It is difficult to classify the opportunities in the fashion industry. There are opportunities such as a place on the catwalk or in the fashion design clubhouse. Fashion design is just like any other business.

According to people working in this industry, their professions are of high stress and a low pay. Also it is concluded that people in this industry are mostly adjudged by their looks rather than their performances. In this regard, the fashion industry is not for all as it comes with rigorous working conditions, a hasty culture and shaky corporate ladder.

However for enthusiastic and committed people, there is no another thrilling and inspiring career than the fashion career. According to designer Isaac Mizrahi, in a fashion career one has to worship what he/she is doing. Fashion should be fascination for him/her. In a fashion career, one should fall in love with the clothes, pins, chalks.

Fashion designers are responsible for designing and producing clothing, outfits, fabrics and frills. Most of the fashion designers have formal training in designing while some of them do not have any such training. Most of the designers start their career as assistant designers and after some years, they become designers. In some big firms, a designer might be promoted as a design director. A design director handles designing activities of each group like dresses, knits, suits and denims. In order to present a brand, a design director organizes the efforts of all the designers.

Product development is another aspect of fashion. It is mostly concerned with retailers. In this, retailers develop their own range of products in association with manufacturers. Product development differs from design as it generally does not require much technical expertise. In association with designers from other companies, product developers may create their own range of products for the brand.

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