Food Preparation Career

The work of cooks, chefs, and other food preparation workers is to cook, season, and prepare wide variety foods including soups, salads, and snacks to side dishes, entrees, and desserts. They serve in various restaurants and food service establishments.

Job Prospect
The job of cooks and chefs is to prepare recipes and meals. Food preparation workers cut and peel vegetables, prepare poultry, trim meat, and carry out other duties such as examining temperature of stove tops and ovens and keep workplace neat and clean. Cooks and chefs mix, cook, and measure ingredients following recipes using various equipment such as cutlery, pans, pots, grills, broilers, ovens, blenders, and grinders. Head cooks and chefs are accountable for supervising the work of kitchen workers, ordering food supplies, and estimating food requirements.

Food preparation workers execute daily and repetitive tasks under close supervision of cooks and chefs. These workers prepare ingredients for various dishes by dicing and slicing vegetables and composing cold items and salads. Food preparation workers measure and weigh ingredients, go after pans and pots, and strain and stir sauces and soups. These workers grind and cut poultry, seafood, and meat in order to prepare dishes. They also clean workplace, utensils, equipment, silverware, and dishes.

Larger food service establishments and restaurants have different larger and menus kitchen staffs. These staffs comprise of various cooks, chefs, line cooks, and assistant cooks. Every cook or chef is given station, which is well equipped with the kinds of grills, stoves, ingredients, and pans required for the food preparation. Some cooks or chefs perform a particular task, therefore, they are known as fry cook, vegetable cook, and grill cook. These cooks may oversee or work together with other food preparation workers.

Head cooks and executive chefs direct the preparation of meals and work of kitchen staff. They may determine plan menus, serving sizes, and other food supplies. They may supervise kitchen operations to make sure presentation of meals and uniform quality. An executive chef is in charge of all type of food service operations and may oversee different kitchens of a corporate dining operation, hotel, and restaurant group.

The work of a chef de cuisine is to report to an executive chef. They are responsible for the everyday operations of a single kitchen. The job of sub chef or sous chef is to supervise the kitchen in the absence of the chef. The responsibilities of food preparation workers may vary with nature of work and type of the establishment. For example, cafeteria cooks may work in the kitchen of businesses, schools, hospitals, cafeterias, and other institutions. In order to prepare meals, food preparation workers create a large quantity of a limited entrees, desserts, and vegetables as per to fixed menus.

Generally, meals are prepared in advance so that diners hardly ever get an opportunity to order a meal. Cooks who serve in a restaurant, generally, prepare various dishes. The work of short-order cooks is to prepare foods in coffee shops and restaurant, which lay emphasis on quick food preparation and fast service. They garnish and grill hamburgers, fry eggs, prepare sandwiches, and cook French fries. They often work on various orders at the same time. Fast food cooks serve in a fast food restaurant where they prepare a limited section of menu items.

Fast food cooks package and cook batches of food such as fried and hamburgers chicken. The types and number of workers hired in kitchen depends upon the type of establishment. The restaurants offering casual dining make easy-to-prepare items where one cook copes with all type of foods in coordination with short-order cooks and other kitchen workers.

Specialty food stores and grocery employ cooks, chefs, and food preparation workers in order to prepare meals and develop recipes for customers. They prepare items like sides dishes and salad in large quantities and store them at proper temperature. The work of counter assistants is to package items as per the customer orders. These food preparation workers perform following responsibilities.


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