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Government careers are the most sought careers of all. This is because; these careers provide a stable professional life to the people. They offer security and steadiness. Though the compensations are lesser than in the private industries, the additional allowances and benefits provided by the government are numerous.

The state and federal government both comprise a variety of departments that offer a large number of employments. This leads to a keen competition for these career opportunities.

The tasks of the officials in government careers depend on the department they work for. There are various categories and sectors in which the government works.

The primary categories are the federal level government, state government and the local government. These again have various departments like security, welfare, administration, management, health, hygiene etc.

The basic or general tasks of the officials in government careers would be:

The tasks in the government careers differ from the level to level. The scale of functions and duties might be small or large depending on the project, plan and policies of the national, state or local government.

Qualifications Required
The qualifications in the government career might vary according to the grade of the post. Clerical jobs require an intermediate education. The next higher levels may demand graduation along with computer certifications and related diplomas. Posts of officers and managers can require Master's degree. The subjects of degree courses should be related to the department for which the candidate wishes to seek job.

In addition to the formal education, the candidates also have to appear for competitive exams to be recruited for selected posts like that of administrative offers, scientists, armed forces jobs, police force etc. An interview and health check rounds to make the selection procedure rigid to appoint the best of the candidates might follow this.

Other necessary Skills
The additional qualities required to get a career in government sectors can be:

After being recruited, the employees are rendered an on-job training also.

Place of Work
The government careers are spread all over the length and breadth of the country. From offices to laboratories and fronts of the nation, government hires and places it employees. Most of the government officials work at the offices. Armed forces personnel work on the borders, sea etc. The Scientists and researchers work in laboratories and libraries. Police force have to deliver security services at various locations. In addition, the government officials might be required to travel and tour in relation with work.

Job Opportunities
The government has employment in every sector of occupations whether administration, management, healthy, safety etc. These sectors further have numerous categories from helper category to officer grades. The major divisions of government industry are:

These are the major areas where government careers can be pursued at various levels and departments according to the qualifications, eligibility and interests of the aspirants.

People generally prefer to opt for government careers as they provide financial security and stability. Though the wages are lower than the private sector, there are additional rewards and allowances for the government employees like housing allowances, traveling allowance, post service pensions, medical reimbursements, insurances, loans, scholarships to children etc. The nature of work is also quite flexible and certain when compared to the careers in private industries. Bonuses and regular performance and experience based promotions are also endowed in government sectors.

Job Progress
There are set standards in the government areas to promote an employee. As they complete certain years of experience, training, qualifications, or project based work, the wages, designations and allowance are raised. From clerical levels, the employee can get elevated to positions of officers in the government careers provided they exhibit the eligibility in qualifications and performance.

Employment Forecast
The forecast for government careers is promising. However, the competition in this area incessantly goes on getting keen, as the number of vacancies is far lesser than the number of applicants for the same. The candidates must be very well qualified and possess expertise in the relevant skills. The selection for the government posts is a stringent process. The aspirants must clear up the qualifying entrance examinations and tests with thorough preparations in the relevant streams and subjects.

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