Athletic Trainer Career

Career as Athletic Trainer is very challenging. Working alongside the physician, an Athletic Trainer educates sportspersons about how to minimize the risk of injury. This requires complete knowledge of the mechanism of the human body. An athletic trainer provides first aid and on the spot medical care at the time of injury. Career as Athletic Trainer is the same as regular fitness trainers. They assess, counsel and take care of the athletes in case of injury.

There are several tasks to carry out in career as Athletic Trainer. The list of some tasks is:

Educational Qualification:
However, there is no specific degree to be in this career. The on-job training plays an important role in understanding the job requirement. Educational qualifications required for career as Athletic Trainer are:

Other Necessary Skills:
Apart from the educational Qualification, some other necessary skills to have career as Athletic Trainer are:

Place of Work:
Career as Athletic Trainer has variety of variety of job opportunities. Some of them are as under:

Job Opportunity
The opportunity for career as Athletic Trainer depends upon the type of work they do. Some are only for indoor trainers. Those who are working in clinics/hospitals can also work part time. The work includes giving public speeches, special training sessions for schools, colleges etc. The scope increases with experience. They can even change their occupation from trainer in hospital to the trainer in sport associations.

The salary offered in career as Athletic Trainer is average. The trainers working full time earn more than those who are working part time. The salary also increases if the person acquires the certification courses. The person who is training a national level team generally earns more salary than the state level trainer does.

Job progress
The progress rate of career as Athletic Trainer is much faster than in any other occupation. The progress of this job is directly proportional to the advancement in health sector. Many organizations now have specific posts for the trainers as they help in reducing the work related injuries. Even the defense sectors in many countries are now hiring these trainers.

Employment Forecast
As the demand of these trainers is increasing so is their employment rate. Many schools and colleges are hiring them. Even big firms spend lot of money to keep their employees fit and healthy. Hence, prospects for a career as Athletic Trainer are very bright

Recruiters Rating:
These ratings will let you know the genuine demand of this career has. The rating given is on a scale of 1 to 5 and is based on the detailed study done on different prospects of the job:
Opportunity: 4
Income: 34
Growth: 3.5
Future: 4

Hence, good career to practice. The career also has good exposure. Athletic Trainers are in full demand and are recruited by most of the organizations. Therefore, career as Athletic Trainer is full of rewards and adventures.

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