Health Care Management Career Paths

Like any other industry, there are also different levels of management in health care. Following are the careers path in the health management field:


In Entry-level management jobs the employees are usually known as line supervisors. These employees are responsible for monitoring daily activities of a team of employees. Job positions that are coming in this category are a nursing supervisor in a nursing home, a case management supervisor in a managed care company, chemistry lab supervisor in a hospital, a food services supervisor in an assisted living facility. Many of these employees are qualified in a clinical or technical field, like X-ray technology, nursing or ultrasound.


Department manager or department head is the next level of management in health care management. They manage activities of a whole department in a nursing home, hospital or other health care organization. Management level positions in the health care management include a health information management department head in a hospital, an environmental services manager in a nursing home and a project manager in a consulting firm. Most of them have completed their management training along with certification in their specific discipline.


Next level in health care management is the director. However, in some organizations their managers are referred as directors. Generally, the director is involved in the management of an extensive functionality in the corporation like director of public relations and director of staff development. They are responsible for their particular region in multiple departments.


Some physicians may presume management roles also. There are various positions in the hospitals that can be undertaken by physicians including clinical department in a hospital, the head of a clinical section in a large hospital, medical director, chief medical officer, director of performance improvement, director of clinical effectiveness and medical director of a managed care organization.

Corporate management:

Corporate management level exist in multi-hospital organizations, health care organizations, nursing homes and ambulatory care centers. These management executives are responsible for operating and functioning in a particular department like finance management. Executives have titles like vice president, corporate director along chief executive officer, corporate president, and a corporate chief financial officer.

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