Career as Optometrist is related to diagnosing and curing eye-problems. An Optometrist is much different from an Ophthalmologist. The former cares for eye-vision and the later performs big operations and treatments for eye diseases. Since eyes are very sensitive so every treatment to be performed has to be very accurate. Career as Optometrist is quite stable and lucrative.

Career as Optometrist is very demanding. Optometrists are different from the Ophthalmologists. An Ophthalmologist is the physicians who carry out eyes surgeries and treat diseases related to eyes where as Optometrists provide care for vision. They perform various tasks some of the important tasks are described as under:

Educational Qualification:
To practice Career as Optometrist a person has to go in medical field and then gain specialization. in this career also, its necessary to have a license to practice. The different qualifications are:

Other necessary Skills:
Apart from having a Doctors degree, a person must have some other skills also, which are often useful in advancing the career to new heights. Other skills for Career as Optometrist are:

Place of work:
Career as Optometrist has a lot of options to work. They generally work in their own clinics or one can say they are generally private practitioners. Some act as visiting doctors in big hospitals also. If one wants he can be a Professor of Optometrists. Some of the optometrists work jointly with an Eye clinic so that each one of them is symbiotically benefited. Some run there Optical Stores.

Job Opportunities:
The field of optometry is very vast and thus, it includes a number of areas to get into. Some of these are family practice optometry, pediatric optometry, geriatric optometry, vision therapy and rehabilitation, low-vision rehabilitation, cornea and contact lenses, refractive and ocular surgery, primary eye care optometry, and ocular diseases. So Career as Optometrist is very wide to work upon.

Career as Optometrist is one of the best careers as far as money is concerned. The salaried optometrists tend to earn more initially than the people who setup their own practice. The self-employed practitioner's income depends on the many facts like - their clinic's infrastructure, type of clients etc. However, a salaried optometrist enjoys leaves, pensions etc. which is not there in case of a self-employed one. So over all, this is a good field in terms of money.

Job Progress:
The job progress rate in Career as Optometrist is much faster than the average. As the increasing population is recognizing the importance of good eye care, the demand of optometrists is getting enlarged. As the person grows, the vision problem occurs, so the demand for optometrist can never end. Also they are required when anybody undergoes critical eye surgery because after a surgery there are many do's and don'ts for a person which are often told by the optometrists.

Employment Forecast:
The future of Career as Optometrists is very demanding and challenging. The person must be updated with new equipments and techniques to earn well in this career. Many think that the upcoming laser technique takes a toll in this career, but actually the scenario is very different. To undergo laser treatment, one has to take several measures before and after the treatment. Hence, the need of these professionals is boundless.

Therefore, overall, one can say the Career as Optometrist is good. The growth is also rapid and so is the productivity. In this fast-growing world, people generally opt for primary care-body so that the problem does not grow bigger in future. Hence, this is a good option for smooth career.

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