Physician Career Opportunities

Career as Physician is very satisfying career. The physician is a person who diagnoses the disease in the patients and gives them relevant medication. The career as Physician is very vast and has many different fields of specializations like Cardiology (Heart diseases), Clinical Genetics (Genes disorders), Endocrinology (disorder of internal glands), Gastroenterology, Hepatology (liver associated disorder), Thoracic Medicine (lung disorder) etc. Apart form these, many new fields have emerged like dermatologist, allergists ophthalmologist etc. which are equally in demand.

Career as Physician requires one to work towards the health of a patient. The various tasks involved are:

Educational Qualifications:
Career as Physician is generally a disciplined career. They require 8 years of rigorous education. In addition to that, internship is compulsory. The different qualifications for a physician are:

Other Necessary Skills:
In the career as Physician, the person has to deal with patients with different diseases. The patients could be of any age group. So apart from knowledge about the field there are certain extra skills required. Some of the skills are as follows:

Place of Work:
The work place for the career as Physician is not different from any other doctors. The different places of work are:

Generally, after gaining experiences by working in hospitals and clinics, the doctors tend to open their own clinics.

Job Opportunity:
Career as Physician has good opportunities, if the physician has done specialization in any field. After doing specialization and gaining experience, the physician often works as a visiting doctor. Working as a visiting doctor helps in portraying your skills as a doctor and even rewards you with good amount of money. The popularity helps in building your client base. Most of the physicians practice in their own clinic. Even some physicians open the clinics in partnership with the other physicians. These clinics are generally known as multi-specialty clinics. This is also one of the fastest growing trends to attract patients.

Career as Physician is actually an excellent source of income. The salary of a physician in government hospitals is average. However, private hospitals offer lucrative salary to the physicians. The salary of fresh physician / interns / resident doctors is always less as compared to the salary of the experienced ones. The physicians with experience or are specialized in a particular field always, have good remuneration than the others. The doctors, who are have their own clinics, generally have earn more revenues. On the contrary, they also have to spend a lot to maintain the standard of the clinic. Most physicians aim to have their own clinic to achieve fame and name.

Job Progress:
Career as Physician has plenty of fields to excel and progress. They generally start their career as an intern in a government or private hospital. During their work course, a physician has to work as a resident doctors (depends on the law of federal government). Later, by gaining experience they can switch over to private clinics for better income. Some physicians start their own clinics. Highly qualified physicians also have an option to venture out in the field of research. They do various researches, to find out the cause and probable ways to eliminate a disease. The specialized physician, often hold high level positions such as senior doctors or head doctor of any department etc. Therefore, the career is good with promising progress.

Employment Forecast:
Career as Physician is a fast growing career. People today are very health conscious, so they visit the doctor for even the slightest thing. The special physicians are in good demand. Medicinal field has advancing tremendously and hence any new disease can be detected easily. The career is growing rapidly in urban as well as rural areas, hence, a good field to progress.

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