Recreational Therapist

Career as Recreational Therapist is unique as the therapist is responsible to provide treatment to patients with disabilities. There are several activities used to treat the disability such as crafts, sports, music, drama etc. Career as Recreational Therapist is very interesting as the career deals with the patients with depression, stress etc. Also it helps in improving the person's self-confidence.


There are several tasks to be done, if you choose a career as Recreational Therapist. As they deal with the special patients, the tasks are also different. Some of the tasks are:

Educational Qualifications:

The basic qualification required to pursue a Career as Recreational Therapist are:

Other Necessary Skills:

There are several soft-skills required if you intend to make a career as Recreational Therapist. They are:

Places of Work:

The career as Recreational Therapists has various areas to work upon. They have special activity rooms. They generally deliver their sessions in:

Job Opportunity:

There are several jobs in government and non-government sectors to practice the career as Recreational Therapist. Since the disability can affect people of all age groups, the demand for a Recreational Therapist is inexhaustible. There are different ways to treat a disabled patient, so there are no straight rules. Hence, the career is having average growth rate. However, parents having a disable child are willing to spend lot of money for treatment, so the job can be very progressive.


As far as the salary is concerned, career as Recreational Therapist has average salary. They earn less in the start of their career. The recreational therapists who are self-employed earn well, if they have good number of patients. Many a times, big private hospitals, which are dedicated to treat disabled people, offer lucrative salary to their employees.

Job progress:

The job opportunity in career as Recreational Therapist is fine. In early stages, the career starts as an assistant therapist in recreation in hospitals or health care organizations. One can start his/her career in special day care schools for disabled students. After working for some years under the experienced person, one can open his/her own clinic, day care schools etc. Some can even opt to do research in the field. The disabled patients generally trust few people; hence, parents usually stick to a single doctor for treatment and thus, the patients remain loyal to the doctors.

Employment Forecast:

As far as the future is concerned, the career as Recreational Therapist is average. The therapist who has experience in this field can even change their occupation from the recreational therapists to recreational counselors, special education teacher etc. Recreational Therapist hardly remains unemployed. Job satisfaction is attained by helping people who are in need.

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