Speech and Language Therapist

Career as Speech and Language Therapist is a career that deals with the people who have problems in speaking. This does not mean that they do not know how to speak but generally, they have problems in speaking same rhythmic words.

The problems that are treated in Career as Speech and Language Therapist can be of many types like:

The cited problems can arise due to strokes, neurological diseases, mouth or throat cancer, head injury etc. The patients can be of any age group.

As Career as Speech and Language Therapist deals with the patients of all age group; so, they perform their duties by molding them according to the persons' need. The different tasks are:

Educational Qualification:
To pursue Career as Speech and Language Therapist the person should have following qualifications:

Other Necessary Skills:
Other than the license and education, a person must have certain personal skills. These skills can help the person make the patients more comfortable. The skills for Career as Speech and Language Therapist are:

Places of Work:
In Career as Speech and Language Therapist, a person has different work areas:

Job Opportunity:
Career as Speech and Language Therapist has fine opportunities to work. The opportunity increases for the therapists who are competent in two languages. Because of this, more of patients are attracted to them. The career also has good options if one serves as 'visiting' therapists. Most of the therapists work as private practitioners, as this provides work time flexibility.

Career as Speech and Language Therapist is good in terms of income. The salary is average in Government hospitals, but as one gains experience, it increases. Generally, private hospitals and clinics offer healthier salary than the government ones. The earning of person having their own clinic depends upon the number of patients.

Job Progress:
Career as Speech and Language Therapist has plenty of ways to progress. They can start their career by working in government hospitals. Later by gaining experience can switch to private hospitals and practice for better income. In addition, they can have their own clinics. Some highly qualified intellectuals can opt for the research field.

Employment Forecast:
Nowadays, it has been observed, that the parents take a lot of care of the special children. As several hospitals are getting established, special units for these kinds of patients are set up, so the Career as Speech and Language Therapist is benefited greatly. Even many big health organizations are also taking interest in this area. With the help of government, many private bodies have opened special schools also. Hence, the career is expected to be fine for future concern.

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