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About Hi-Tech Field:

Hi-tech sector is relatively new for the industries. However, this sector is reforming by the means of people conducting themselves socially as well as in business. Technology has a vital role to play in the contemporary life style of people. Nowadays a semiconductor has become a common part of modern life, however before 50-60 years no one knew about a semiconductor.

Hi-tech industry is very wide, and it mainly consist of the industries which manufacture hardware including chips, circuit boards, wiring, hard drives, and also software which are run on these chips. There are also some companies like Hewlett-Packard and Dell which provide services which combine hardware as well as software. These companies offer computers along with some programs and the operating system already installed on it.

Microchips are the heart of the hi-tech industry. It is a great human invention which drives the tech industry. In 1958, Jack Kilby invented the microchip which contained various circuits embedded in a semiconductive substrate. The first semiconductors that were manufactured had few circuits which were used in government projects including the Apollo Moon mission and Minuteman missiles. Since chips production became less expensive, companies started to use it in consumer products during the early 80s. Nowadays, a single chip contains billions of circuits on it, unlike the first microchips.

In the early days, microchips were manufactured by soldering with hand in a lab. But, nowadays they are assembled by building up several layers of silicon on a chip in hygienic rooms. Chip manufacturing is a multi-step process which consist of hundreds of steps which steadily make the microscopic circuitry on the face of the chip. Chips are constructed on the base of pure silicon which is called a wafer.

In the recent time, there is more data producing than ever before, and so the need to store this data. This is another aspect of hi-tech. Luckily data storing is becoming cheaper these days. In 2008, cost of storing data had fallen to $1 per GB as compared to $10,000 per GB in 1958. Also requirement of data storage has increased tremendously in the last few years. This leads to great opportunities in the field of the data-storage products industry.

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