Human Resource Development

About Human Resource Development Field:

Human resource development is a small component of the human resources department. Human resource development department relates to the functions in a business which assist in the development of employees. Though many firms refer to human resource development as training and development, in fact it is much more than this.

In general, the human resource development department consists of the following fields:

Since many organizations are realizing that there is a need of looking after their employees other than managing them, human resource development is becoming an important aspect of human resources and is growing fast. In relatively small firms, human resource professionals obligate the responsibilities of training along with other tasks of human resource departments. While in larger firms, human resource development department is a separate department which is devoted entirely for employee development functions.

Human resource development is growing every year. As per Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), it is predicted that training and development will grow rapidly in the coming years. This growth is not only because of the complex nature of jobs but also the aging of the employees, and contemporary technology which require training as well as development programs for workers.

Human resource development is becoming an accepted career path. Human resource department is not only expanding but also it is structured in a different way from company to company. If you observe human resource development as a feasible career path, it is necessary to know its role in a particular company. Organizations that have only training and learning function might not have much value in human resource development. As human resource development in such a firm has a definite organization development function.

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