Pros and Cons of Human Resource Careers


Human resource professionals interact with people, though the degree of interaction may vary. However, human resource professionals enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that their work directly affects people in a beneficial way. Human resource professionals are keen to help employees find their way through difficult problems.

Human resource professionals also like to interact with diverse groups of people. They work with employees of different departments. Organization development experts can work as internal consultants to assist various departments in an organization to perform together. They might work with the sales team in a particular week, and may assist the production team in the next week. Thus, there is a lot of variety in daily assignments.

Most of the professionals in the human resources find their new assignments interesting. They learn new things everyday. They also like to be a part of the organization, and add value to the business. Human resources professionals study how to minimize overhead costs, which can save the company millions of dollars. Thus, they can make an impact on the organization.


For many human resources professionals, the advantages of functioning in the human resources department (like extending a job offer) are sufficient to overshadow the drawbacks. If not, they will not be there in the primary position. However, no job is ideal. Even rock stars need to handle irritating paparazzi and crazy fans.

Here in human resources, instead of reporters or fans, you have deal with unsatisfied employees. In human resources, you have to provide services which are taken for granted by employees. It is a thankless job. If something goes wrong, for example if the workers don't get their salary, there are reimbursement issues or new employees are being educated or trained in an improper manner, then you have to deal with too many disappointed people.

Like many other careers, in the human resource department, you have to start your career with some administrative task. Responsibilities of an entry level human resource professional include processing paperwork for fresh employees, entering and maintaining an online database of resumes. For some people, it seems to be a boring work. However, such assignments provide you with a good learning opportunity. There is also a misconception that human resources is a female dominated field.

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