Insurance Career Opportunities

If you're wondering what career to take that will last longer, then insurance is the best option. Insurance careers are projected to grow rapidly in the coming years.

As per a survey report, it is expected that by 2020, in US alone, there will be a need of 400,000 insurance professionals to fill the positions at all levels and in different areas. But the most popular career in insurance will be of an Actuary.

If you're good in analyzing risks, this insurance profession is for you. Besides, job opportunities in the insurance field for brokers, sales agents, and data scientists are also projected to grow 9% by 2024. This shows that the insurance industry will be providing better job prospects for the people in the coming years.

Insurance is a major contributor to the global economy. Without insurers or insurance careers, it's impossible for businesses to build offices and factories. Even holding any big events that draw a huge crowd is possible only after conducting thorough analysis and management of risk.

And insurance does this all. It can make anything possible by ensuring all those involved in events and business are protected with some form of insurance cover.

A career in the insurance industry also provides an opportunity to serve your community, contribute to the country's economy, experience different cultures, and tour around the world. In fact, there are very few careers in the world that can help you learn every day like the insurance career does.

You can easily fulfill your goals and dreams by taking up an insurance career. The only things you need to have are strong people skills and selling skills. Of course, education also matters and the need for it will vary as per the job positions.

Reasons to take up a career in insurance

In pursuit of a dream job, we often overlook a career that we can easily grab and also earn a handsome salary. That industry which can provide you for a long time, is insurance. If an insurance career is something you haven't considered yet, here are the reasons why you should take it.


The moment we think about the insurance industry, immediately the picture of a well-groomed person with an executive bag flashes in our mind. But let us tell you that the insurance industry is not all about an insurance a sales agent, a broker, or claim offer.

In fact, the range of career options that the insurance sector provides is very hard to find in other sectors. You can choose from a variety of career options in insurance such as accounting, analysis, data scientist, and much more.

Jobs are also in IT, business operations, business development, customer service, human resources, and fraud investigation areas. Besides, the insurance industry also offers a variety of career paths.

You can either join the health and medical insurance, home and vehicle insurance, business, or machinery insurance. Just collect the skills required for any of these professions for an easy entry in the job, and enjoy a life you dream of.


Insurance is one of the oldest professions in the U.S, and given its importance to the country, public, and businesses, it's going to stay as long as this world survives. Since the basic aim of insurance business is to provide people and corporations with a protection in the form of insurance policies, the insurance profession is there to stay as long as people own houses, cars, and business. So in terms of stability, there is nothing to worry about. If you're loyal to your profession, you won't be facing any stability issues.


If you're an insurance professional, the job prospects for you are brighter. You will be surprised to know that the insurance industry in the U.S. provides more jobs than by all the major giants in IT industry combined. Plus, in the coming years, many insurance professionals are about to retire, which will be creating vacancies for you. As the aging workforce will be retiring, the insurance industry will be in need of people to fill their positions. So in terms of opportunity, there is no dearth in the insurance industry.

Opportunity to make a difference in people's lives

If you are someone who loves to help people, then you will enjoy an insurance career. By becoming an insurance professional, you will be providing protection to people to deal with unprecedented situations like sudden illness, accident, injury, death, theft, robbery and bankruptcy. You will be ensuring that people are better prepared to fight for their worst day without suffering any mental and financial problems. Most importantly, you'll be providing them with mental peace by educating and selling them different types of insurance policies.

Work Anywhere

Since insurance is essential for the economy of the country, every country on the planet earth has an insurance industry. So in case you plan to resettle or work in a foreign country, you can easily follow the same profession. This type of option to work anywhere is something you must not let go. That way, you can also learn about different cultures and make yourself knowledgeable about a wide variety of subjects.

So don't wait any more, and make up your mind for a career in the insurance industry for the job opportunities are expected to grow and this industry is going to stay forever. Pick the career path as per your interest and get ready for a lucrative and long-lasting career. In case, you need any help for drafting an insurance resume, browse our website for free insurance resume sample.

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