Career in Magazine

Magazines give a chance to the writer/reporter/correspondent to write the stories into deeper and deeper to provide the complete information about the subject.

Newspaper can unite the people over an issue or topic while magazine unites people of same interests such as people with the sports interest would always prefers to read a sports magazine and people with the fashion interest would like to read the fashion magazine.

Newspapers last only for a day while magazines can be weekly, fortnightly, monthly or yearly.

News papers offer a very colorless presentation mostly in black and white but magazines have multi colors. Magazines are aimed to feed the people having same interest while the newspapers just function as a news provider.

Magazine journalist can stick to a particular topic and writes about it in detail. Also, magazine photographers have a great opportunity to display their talent and strength. Magazine targets audience by designing their marketing campaigns.

In the beginning of your career in magazine journalism pay will be very less therefore you have to give your best to increase the salary. There are lot of opportunities in magazine journalism such as a freelancer, photographer, designer, sub editor, correspondent etc. The most important skills required for the journalist job are ability to research, to gather data and to analyze it. Along with these skills writing, editing and presentation skills are also important.

The environment of the magazine industry is very fast paced and smart. One should have the business skills and Entrepreneurial spirit to understand the researches, database and ability to solve the problem. To start the Magazine, individual requires a motivating attitude, creativity, innovative ideas, and should have the knowledge of the market policies and strategies and good organizational skills.

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