Career in Television

TV is a vital element in our day to day life. TV works around the clock to feed its audiences, so that we can get information of every single moment of any news. TV enables us to witness the most important events, moments, programs, shows and news events happening around the world.

There is a saying action speaks louder than words. And that is why it is most preferred way of delivering news. Its the fastest means of delivering the news.

People should be alert, agile, hard working, efficient, have knowledge of writing and editing skills along with the knowledge of marketing, sales, production etc. One should learn dedication for the work, timely delivery of news, and struggle to capture the news to become successful in this field. Person should be ready to work under pressure. Journalism is all about the gathering news and delivering it on time to the audience.

Most of the people start their career in journalism as a cub reporter or internee for some initial years and then after that they can switch to other company. Like newspapers, there are reporters, editor, and chief editor along with cameraman and producer. Here, editors task is different than newspaper editor. Editors trims the story from a technical point of view taking cues from chief executive or program head.

It is the most glamorous and fast growing journalism industry. TV broadcast deliver news to larger audience than those of newspaper, radio and magazines cover. Television captures the vision, sound and facts of the news on spot so there is a very rare chance that audience get disappointed. Television broadcasting is serving for last 50 years and it made our world small. We can see the events and news happening in the other countries easily.

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