Paralegal and Legal Assistant Career

Paralegal and Legal Assistants Career is similar to Lawyers career but actually, they are non-lawyers who assist the lawyers. They work as a helping hand for lawyers and often take care that there is no backlog in work, no loopholes in the case, ensuring that the information is correct etc. Since, they assist the Lawyers so Career as Paralegal and Legal Assistant is one of the good options in law careers.

In Paralegal and Legal Assistants Career, the work allotted to them varies according to the lawyer they are working with or they firm they are employed for.

Educational Qualification:
The educational qualifications for Career as Paralegal and Legal Assistant are:

Some Big Law firms offer the Paralegal training in the job period itself.

Other Necessary skills:
As the law has become more complex so the to pursue Career as Paralegal and Legal Assistant, one has to be more skilled. Some of the interpersonal skills required are:

Places of Work:
The place of work for Career as Paralegal and Legal Assistant depends on the area for which they are working:

Job Opportunities:
The job opportunities for Career as Paralegal and Legal Assistant are increasing day by day because many new firms are now having their own in-house legal departments. Therefore, the need for formally trained paralegal and legal assistants is increasing. As they gain experience, they are given the work to supervise or delegate assignment to other paralegal and clerical staff.

The salary in Career as Paralegal and Legal Assistant varies according to education and training experience. In addition, it depends on the type of law firm the people are working for. If they are working in any government office, then they have a specific bar for salary but generally, the private law firms negotiate on the various occurring norms and then decide the pay. Apart from salary many receive the bonus, compensation for extra work hours etc.

Job Progress:
The growth rate of career as Paralegal and Legal Assistants is much quicker than the average for all other occupations. As a number of new sectors are coming up the necessity of legal assistants is also increasing. During recessions, the industries need of more legal assistants and since the fee of the permanent Lawyers is high, Legal assistants are good options. So firms hire the paralegals and allot them the work which was once done by the Lawyers.

Employment Forecast:
Paralegal and Legal Assistants have considerably considerable scope in future. Many new sectors such as insurance companies, real estates etc hire them in good numbers. Hence, it is a fine career option for future.

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