In the career as foresters, their main job is to manage nation's forests and carry out related activities for economic, conservation, environmental and recreational purpose. Individual landowners, the public or the private industry, which owns a particular forestland, needs frequent advice for the proper use of land. These suggestions are given by the foresters who work as consultants. For example, they give advice as to which trees should be planted, and the care that should be taken to keep them safe from insects and pests. Foresters manage forests to provide objectives like extraction of raw materials, hunting, recreation, and aesthetics.

In the career as foresters, they have to carry out following tasks:-

To enter the career as foresters, the candidates need a bachelor's degree. A bachelor's degree in forestry, biology, environmental sciences, natural resource management, or a related study is the basic qualification needed for forestry jobs. Mostly research and teaching work usually require a post-graduate degree. In the Federal government, a combination of experience and training in related subjects is also enough for forestry jobs. Foresters interested in research or teaching job need an advanced degree, mostly a Ph.D. or master's degree in economics or related sciences

Other necessary skills:-
To get into a career as foresters, they should have following skills:-

Work Place:-
In the career as foresters, they mostly work for regular hours in offices and labs, and others spend their time in field work mostly in forests. The work can be physically demanding. They work for federal, state and local government agencies to help farmers and land owners to manage their land.

In State and Federal government jobs, they usually work for 40 hours a week, but not always in that schedule. For field work, they might work for 10 days continuously followed by 4 days off.

Job Opportunities:-
In the career as foresters, they have to work with landowners and federal, state and local government agencies to protect and safeguard the forests. They also work for many private companies like the paper, timber, logging, and wood pulp industries. Some other foresters may work as professors in colleges and institutes. The foresters may also work with wildlife managers, farmers, foresters, and scientists.

Related Occupations:-
Other workers with similar jobs include agricultural and food scientists, biological scientists, environmental scientists and specialists, hydrologists, geoscientists, and farmers, ranchers, and agricultural managers.

In the career as foresters the salary is good, especially for those working in federal, state and local governments and private firms. However, the salary also varies depending on different factors like education, experience, type of work and employer. Those with a master's degree or Ph.D. working for senior positions can expect handsome salary packages than those who are working for entry-level jobs. The benefits that are given include paid leaves, retirement plans, and health insurance.

Job Progress:-
In the career as foresters those who are fresh graduates work under the supervision of experienced scientists. After some years of forestry job experience, they are eligible for more responsible positions. In Federal government, entry-level forestry job is available in forestry resource management. An experienced forester in federal government mostly supervises a range or a district and may become a forest supervisor, regional forester, or top administrative person in the national headquarters.

However, in private industries, the foresters start learning practical and administrative work of the business and also get a technical training. After gaining experience, they can do managerial work which does not involve fieldwork but involves working in office and planning and supervising others. Some of them can even become consultants, working alone or in partnership after they acquire a few years of experience.

Employment Forecast:-
In the career as foresters the employment is expected to grow about as fast as average of all occupations. Establishments in management, scientific, and technical consulting services will increase the job opportunities for foresters in coming years. The foresters involved in timber harvesting jobs can expect good jobs in regions where most of the land is covered with forests. Thus, the demand for forestry jobs will be in fair demand in the coming years, especially for those who work as consultants. This is because these farmers and landowners will always need advice for protecting the tree plantation and manage the forests by maintaining the healthy plantations.

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