Administrative Services Managers

Administrative services managers direct and coordinate various support services, which follow organizations to function efficiently. Administrative service manager is an exciting career option that gives work satisfaction along with good pay scale.

The manager has to perform various roles including:

The responsibility of an administrative service manager varies by authority and degree. First-line administrative service manager oversees a staff, which carries out a number of support services. On the contrary, mid-level administrative managers build up goals, departmental plans, deadlines, customer service, apply procedure to increase productivity and describe responsibilities of managers at supervisory level.

Mid-level administrative services managers supervise first-line supervisors from many departments. The responsibility of mid-level managers is to hire and dismissal employees. However, they do not contribute to personnel policy formulation. These managers may have an opportunity to go for higher-level positions like vice president of administrative services.

Most of the small organizations, an administrative service manager supervises support services. In big organizations, nonetheless, first-line administrative service managers may report to mid-level managers. This managerial job varies as the spectrum of administrative services needed by organization. For instance, an Administrative Service Manager (ASM) who serves as contract administrator supervises the analysis, preparation, review and negotiation concerning to sale and purchase of materials, equipment, products, supplies, services, etc.

Additionally, some administrative services mangers distribute store and acquire suppliers, whilst others arrange leftover property or supervise the unclaimed property. Administrative service managers working as facility managers have to deal with design, plan and manage grounds, buildings, equipment, etc.

In order to execute above-mentioned task, it requires integration and business administration principles, architecture, information technology, behavioral science, and engineering. Even though facility managers are assigned specific task, it varies in various disciplines such as organization, duties come under many categories, real estate, maintenance, operation, management, project planning finance, communication, leadership, facility function, quality assessment, technology integration, management of environmental and human factors.

The tasks within these extensive categories can include workplace and space planning, sale and purchasing of real estate, budgeting, renovations, lease management, architectural design and planning. Facility managers may possibly recommend and supervise renewal projects for a number of reasons comprising efficiency, security standard and health. For example, the manager may entice a building renewal project to the use of green energy, electricity produced from alternative sources like fuel cells or solar panels. In addition, facility managers frequently scrutinize the facility to make sure that it stays secure, safe and well maintained.

Work Environment
Generally, administrative service managers work in offices that provide them comfort and luxury facilities. Managers engaged in personality development procurement and contract administration may get traveling facility from their home to office, vendor's office, branch office, property sales sites, etc. Facility managers whose responsibility includes designing workshops possibly will spend time at workplace such as construction site or he/she may have to travel from one place to another to manage things.

Today the emergence of advanced technology has made communication easier. A manager can be in touch with his/her crew members by means of telecommunication or internet. This new technology has lessened the need for travel and time. Nowadays, most of the administrative services managers work forty hours a week. Sometimes, they need to work overtime as it is required to meet deadlines. Facility manages may resolve problems on phone when they are not present at the workplace.

Qualifications, Training and Advancement
Educational qualification and work experience for these managers differs widely based on complexity and size of the organization. In big organizations, usually, administrative service managers are employed from outside. Every position/designation has prescribed education and experience requirements. Experience in related field is mandatory in large organizations. On the contrary, in small organizations, higher education may not be necessary however, work experience is fine to get into and become office manager. If there are openings in administrative service management, a manager may get higher-level position based on his/her previous performance.

Education and Training
Every position has different job responsibility. Candidates holding associate degree in management or business may be hired for the position of first-line administrative managers who deal with mailroom, secretarial and other allied support activities. However, candidates who acquired higher education and possess related experience may get hired for the above discussed position.

For the position of managers of graphics, audio-visual and other technology required to have completed technical school training. Managers dealing with very complex services like contract administration need to possess bachelor's degree in human resources, business or finance. Apart from major, the course curriculum must include courses in accounting, office technology, business mathematics, human resources, computer applications and business law. To become a Facility Manager, candidates need to possess undergraduate or graduate degree in architecture, engineering, business administration, construction management or facility management. A background in construction, real estate or interior design is preferred.

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