Career in Advertising Management

Career in Advertising Management is one of the best options for candidates who aspire to get into management field. The responsibility of an advertising manager is to develop, manage and implement the advertising strategy of a company.

The advertising strategy includes sales, business and technical standpoint. An advertising manager has to interact with a number of people who are in the process of business management such as sponsor and agencies.

Advertising management is an exciting career path in the world of advertising industry. Promotion and advertising managers may work for a media outlet, a public relation firm or an agency. They may be employed by a company as to build up branding and trademark for the product/service offered by a company. The job of an advertising manager may include:

Advertising management may address the entire process leading to actual sale, market research, evaluation of cost benefit, achievement of objective, etc. advertising management encompasses a number of sub-functions such as media planning, media strategy, media buying, etc. Advertising management is a crucial part of the marketing department. Generally, evaluation of results and market research are more concerned with the marketing department.

The major responsibility of an advertising manager is to find out the most effectual way to inform end customers about products/services of the company. Some of the companies handle their own advertising. In this case, all work like point-of-sale, all display, and mail advertising is produced by the advertising department of the company. Every large company has advertising department and the advertising manager supervises advertising work. He/she also coordinates staff members who contribute to creating ad and place them.

Companies that do not create their own ads generally take services from other advertising agencies. In such cases, an advertising manager usually works with account executive of an ad agency to create innovative and creative ad campaigns. When a company outsources advertising work to an ad agency, advertising managers choose the agency; explicate company's thoughts and ideas to account executives. Once an ad is lunched, advertising managers put their efforts to keep its effectiveness for a long time.

Individuals interested in advertising should apply to companies directly. An advertising manager works with career websites, newspaper for ad section, trade journals, etc. After completing education with specialization in advertising, candidates get into the field of advertising easily. A number of private agencies employ skilled professionals to execute their tasks. A good adverting manger should possess skills like:

An advertising manger has to deal with public relations, advertising, marketing, sales, promotion, product development, etc. An advertising manager also supervises promotion and advertising staffs that generally are small excluding largest firms. In order to become successful advertising manager, one should possess following knowledge.

Ad advertising manager should be good at design tool, principles and techniques used for production of blueprints, technical plants, models and drawings.

A manger must possess the knowledge of clerical and administrative systems and procedures like managing records and files, word processing, transcription and stenography, designing forms, etc.

Fine Arts
An advertising manager should possess the knowledge techniques and theory required to produce and compose the work of visual arts, dance, music, sculpture and drama.

Marketing and Sales
An advertising manager must possess the knowledge of methods and principles for promoting, showing and selling products/services.

English Language
Knowledge of content and structure of English language is essential in the field of advertising. A manager should be proficient in English comprising of composition rules, spelling and meaning of words, etc.

Processing and Production
Knowledge of processing and production is required in advertising. It helps to cope with production processes, raw materials, costs, quality control and other techniques to increase the efficient manufacture and allocation of goods.

Customer and Personal Service
The knowledge of personal and customer services facilitates managers to provide quality products/services. A manager should know the process and principles of personal and customer services. This helps managers to assess customer's satisfaction.

Computers and Electronics
An advertising manager should be well versed with computers and electronics. He/she should know the basics of computer hardware, electronic equipment, circuit board, chips, processors, programming and application.

Communications and Media
An advertising manager should have knowledge of media production, methods, dissemination techniques and communication. This incorporates various ways to entertain and inform through oral, written and visual media.

Administration and Management
Administration and management play an important role in the process of business management. This involves resource allocation, strategic planning, human resources modeling production methods, leadership technique, etc.

A career in advertising management is a very exciting job that offers good remuneration to skilled professionals. Expert candidates have an excellent opportunity to carve a better career in the field of advertisement.

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