Career in Computer and Information Systems Management

A computer and information systems management is an upcoming career option for those who wish to carve a better career in the field of Information Technology. The responsibility of a computer and information systems manager is to manage computer systems within a company.

To ensure that the back up systems operate efficiently, supervise installation, make ICT technology infrastructures available, purchase software and hardware, establish strategic planning and build up organizational policy concerning quality standards.

An information systems manager works in various fields of organization in the service sectors and industry. Generally, a manager works with programmers, a team of technicians, administrators, etc.

Even though the title of computer and information systems manager is getting more common in field of Information and Computer Technology (ICT), the responsibilities of these managers vary depending upon size of a company and nature of work. An information systems manager may work as a function manager in a financial institution and as a delivery manager in a non-profit organization.

Jon Prospects
A computer and information systems manager is responsible for the execution of technology related tasks. A manager has to be expert in dealing with computer and information related problems. He/she needs to work together with other technical experts. A computer and information systems manager has to coordinate, plan, direct and assist the computer-allied activities of organizations. A manager facilitates to set up business and technical goals in coordination with top management. He/she also establishes detailed plans for the achievement of these goals. An information manger ought to have strong understanding of both business practices and technology.

In various organizations, the process of re-engineering may take place. An information systems manager needs to cope with this process and ensure that the work is flawless. A good manager has to have ample understanding of the technology he/she is supposed to deal with. The list of various activities, a manger deals with, is given below.

Skills Set
The following skills listed below are based upon the general professional qualifications for a computer information systems manager. Some expert professionals suggest these skills, which are commonly recognized by many companies. Generally, a candidate does not need to have all of these skills to become a successful manager. The selection of a candidate for the position of computer and information manager is purely based upon specific skills, knowledge, educational background and capability for the occupation. A candidate has to have the skill set as mentioned below.

Required Abilities
A computer and information manager must possess some of the abilities to become a successful performer. He/she should be able to:

A computer and information systems manager has to deal with a number of managerial activities such as production methods, resource allocation, strategic planning, human resource modeling, coordination of people, leadership technique, etc.

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