Career in Education Administration

Career in education administration is highly appreciated job profile. Education administrator is widely respected as he/she facilitates to impart high standard education across the globe.

An education administrator provides instructional management and directs everyday activities in preschools, schools, colleges and universities. These administrators also direct co-relational institutes, educational programmes museums, community services and job trainings.

The responsibilities of an education administrator are to set up educational goals/objectives, establish procedures and policies and achieve them effectively. An education administrator oversees:

Education administrators create and develop various academic programs, train and encourage teachers and staff members, examine student's educational progress, organize career counseling and student's services, prepare budgets, manage recordkeeping and execute various other responsibilities.

Education administrators deal with many other educational aspects like meet parents of students, interact with employees, discuss with current and prospective students and handle relations with the community. In small organization like a small day care center, an education administrator has to handle above discussed responsibilities. In large schools or universities, there are many administrators wherein responsibilities are allocated to keep good administration. Here, each administrator has to handle specific function.

There are hierarchies in the profession of educational administration. For instance, the administrator who manages elementary, middle and secondary schools is known as Principal. These principals set up the academic structure and work together with staff members such as teachers, clerks and librarians to create, develop and maintain high quality course curriculum, prepare mission statements, set performance objectives and goals.

Principals discuss with staff, give advice, explain complex concepts and answer questions related to development of education. They employ and examine teachers and staff members. They evaluate teaching methods, visit classrooms, assess instructional objectives and goals, evaluate learning materials, etc. An ideal principal implements easy and effective teaching method, set clear objectives and goals, establish guidelines for teachers and staff members and oversees the overall administration. The other responsibilities of an educational administrator are to:

Skills Set

Job Description
Education administrators manage and organize educational institutions. They organize and support various activities in the institution. They facilitate students to achieve their goals by means of providing them high quality education. These administrators design and modify the course curriculum. While designing the course curriculum, they keep in mind the industry requirements and help students to become expert professionals in their realm of interest.

Education administrators work in broad educational areas like quality assurance, admissions, examinations, etc. They play various roles such as finance, human resource and career counselors. These administrators are centrally based within faculties, units or departments. There are many jobs available for education administrators in government schools, colleges, universities as well as in private sectors.

Work Activities
The responsibilities of an educational administrator vary intensely depending upon the type of educational institution, departments and sections where he/she works. The administrator has to play various roles in the field of education. Some of the work activities include:

There are various job opportunities for skills professions in the field of education. Education is a process that never ends. Therefore, the graph of employment is increasing everyday.

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