Career in Engineering Management

A career in Engineering Management is a lucrative option. The responsibility of an engineering manger is to create and develop products, processes, system and machinery. An engineering manager has to oversee scientists, engineers, technicians and support personnel.

These manages also supervise staff members who create and develop systems, products, machinery and processes. They also coordinate and direct, operations, testing, production and maintenance of their projects.

An engineering manager has to play multiple roles in the field of management. These managers design new product, tailor existing product designs, develop production techniques, improve test procedure, analyze human resource needs, examine market demand, evaluate technology trends, etc.

These managers need to interact with marketing staff, production and management to decide cost effectiveness, engineering possibility, customer demand, etc. The job prospects of an engineering manager are given below.

Job Prospects
An engineering manager has to cope with various aspects of management. He/she has to:

Required Knowledge

Engineering and Technology
An engineering manager must have the knowledge of various applications of engineering technology and science comprising techniques, equipment, procedure and principles to design, develop and produce goods and services.

The knowledge of mathematics includes algebra, arithmetic, calculus, geometry, statistics, and its application to real projects.

The knowledge of tools, principle, and design techniques is used to produce and develop blueprints, technical plans, models and drawing.

Computers and Electronics
A manager has to have the knowledge of processors, circuit boards, chips, computer software and hardware, electronic equipment, computer application and programming.

English Language
This section includes the knowledge of content and structure of English language like basic grammar, composition and voices.

This includes the knowledge of laws, physical principles, interrelationship, application to fluid, atmosphere dynamics, material, atomic and sub-atomic structures, electrical, mechanical and processes.

Administration and Management
This section incorporates the knowledge of management and business principles used in resource distribution, strategic planning, leadership, human resource modeling, production methods, leadership techniques, etc.

Customer and Personal Service
Customer and Personal Service include meeting high quality of services, assessment of customer satisfaction and evaluation of customer needs.

Building and Construction
It includes the knowledge of methods, materials, tools used in the construction and renovation of buildings, houses and structures like roads and highway.

Public Safety and Security
This section consists of relevant policies, equipment, strategies and procedures to promote state, national and local security operations for the defense of people, property, institutions and data.

Skills Set

Reading Comprehension
This includes thorough understanding of work-associated with documents comprising of written sentences and paragraphs.

A manager should the knowledge of mathematics, as it is very important in problem-solving activities.

Active Listening
A manager has to be active listener. He/she must give complete attention to others to know their opinion. A good manager takes down points, asks related questions, and never interrupts.

Critical Thinking
A manager ought to possess the ability of critical thinking. He/she must use logic and reasoning to make out alternative solutions, approaches to problems, conclusions, etc.

Complex Problem Solving
Complex Problem Solving includes making out complex problems, evaluating allied information to expand and assess option and employ solutions.

A manager ought to be cooperative in nature. He/she must understand teammate's problems and try to solve them.

Active Learning
This section asserts that a manager must be active learner. He/she should understand the proposition of new information for solving current and future problems.

Operations Analysis
A manager must be good at analyzing customer's needs to produce and develop innovative design.

Judgment and Decision Making
A manager is a person who has to make proper decisions at crucial moments. Thus, a manager must be good at decision-making.

Time Management
Every project has to be executed within given time by clients. Therefore, a manager should value the time and follow deadlines strictly.

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