Career in Human Resources Management

A career in Human Resource Management (HR) is global career option. Human resource management refers to the strategic and coherent approach to understand requirements of the people working in an organization.

Every organization/firm wants to motivate, attract and retain the skilled employees and match them to work for which they are suited best. labor relations managers and human resource managers provide this connection.

Previously, these managers performed the directorial function of a firm and their responsibilities included interviewing, recruiting, employee benefit questions, employing new staff in compliance with policies and strategies set up by top management. Presently, human resource managers administrate these tasks and interact with executives concerning policies and strategic planning. A human resource manager has to interact with top managers and authority to suggest and change policies.

The development of an organization is completely based upon collective and individual efforts of its employees. Human resource management follows serious discipline in the world of business. To human resource management, employees are not business units such as automobiles or machines but they are an important work force and have emotional, personal and financial needs.

Therefore, human resource management is dedicated to cultivate and nurture work culture in an organization, rationalize the recruitment process, motivate employees and provide trainings. It is very difficult to cope with employees without human resource management.

It is very crucial to retain good employees and this is what an HR manager is supposed to do. Retaining employees is one of the responsibilities of an HR manager. The purpose of an HR manager is to work with all the departments of an organization to examine and interpret the requirements of employees. The human resource management department functions as a bridge between the Managing Director or CEO of a company and different branches such as administrative, executive, operations management and project management.

Nature of Work
A human resource manager has to interact with employees of the company to understand and solve their problems to retain them. An HR manager provides suggestions and advice to the supervisors, staff members and equips them with extensive training in different aspects.

He/she has to coordinate and direct the training and recruiting process. An HR manager needs to assess employee performance and inform them about policies of a company. A manager also makes the employees to follow policies, laws and rules of a company. The reason behind informing employees is to facilitate decision-making process.

Responsibilities of a Human Resource Manager

Skill Set
A human resources manager should posses following skills

Responsibilities of a Recruitment Manager
A human resource manger has to play various roles in the company. For example, an HR manager can be recruitment specialist where he/she has to maintain contact with clients and consultancies. They may need to travel across the world. A recruitment manager has to contact colleges and universities to organize campus interviews and job fairs.

A recruitment manager interviews, screens and occasionally assesses applicants. A recruiter may extend job offers and check references. A recruitment manager has to be well familiar with the organization, work culture, human resource policies, working conditions, pay scales for fresher and experienced employees.

A recruitment manager has to have knowledge of employment laws, legislations, affirmative action guidelines and various acts related to business management. A candidate wishing to make a career in the field management, human resource management is one of the best options.

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