Career in Lodging Management

A career in Lodging Management is a global career in option. The hotel and restaurant management is a growing industry. This industry fascinates candidates who wish to make a global career in the field of hotel and catering management. Since it is a global career, working hours include weekends and night shifts.

People travel around the world for business purpose where they look for accommodation that provides them comfort, leisure and security for their things. In order to manage things systematically, a hotel needs skilled professionals to deal with this lodging management. The responsibility of a lodging manager is to equip customers with good food, cozy accommodation and assistance to make their stay pleasant.

A lodging manager works at all genres of establishments including camping areas, traditional hotels, motels, inns, resorts, ranches, etc. A lodging manager has to execute various duties as well. These managers fulfill guest's needs by means of providing them facilities such as television set, computer with internet connection, fitness rooms, etc. in the right order.

These managers provide comfort services to business travelers such as arranging conferences, workshops, provide electronic equipments and meeting rooms. A lodging manager has to shoulder a number of responsibilities. A manager ensures that the staff members are doing their assigned work properly. He/she interacts with various people to manage the things at the right place. These managers have entire team to support in many services.

Educational Qualification
It is always good to have completed high standard education in any discipline. Candidates wishing to pursue a career in lodging management need to have bachelor's degree in the hotel management. It is very important to have gained practical knowledge by experience. Candidates who have completed a degree in liberal arts may also be accepted if he/she has experience in hotel, resort or related field.

Many colleges offer these courses with internship programs. The intention behind conducting internship programs is to equip students with practical experience and provide them good employment with high remuneration.

Various leading institutions offer a degree in hotel management. Generally, every university and college has programs to gain a bachelor's degree in restaurant and hotel management. The program in hotel management is also offered by many technical schools, vocational schools and adult education programs.

Generally, all these programs incorporate various courses in accounting practices, economic principles, marketing, administration, maintenance engineering, catering, food service management, housekeeping, billing, making reservations, etc.

Job Prospects

Types of Lodging Management Positions

General Managers
General Managers are responsible for almost all operations at a hotel. They closely deal with the authority established by the owner. This authority many include creating budgets, setting prices, approving expenditure, establishing standard for the quality services comprising of food, staff, decor, event planning, etc. These managers also hire candidates.

Resident Managers
The responsibility of a resident manager is to solve problems and act in emergencies. A resident manager, however, sometimes work forty hours a week and ensures that the hotel runs with no obstacles.

Executive Housekeepers
An executive manager is responsible for foyers, fitness rooms, guest rooms and conference rooms to be kept clean and tidy. A manager also oversees training, scheduling, housekeeping staff and directing staff members.

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