Career in Promotions Management

Promotion managers oversee staff of promotion specialists. The responsibility of a promotion manager is to direct promotions programs, which combine purchase incentives with advertising to increase sales.

In order to establish quicker contact with purchasers, distributors, dealers or customers, a promotion manager may use mail, radio or television advertising, telemarketing, exhibits, catalogs, internet advertisements, newspapers, websites, product endorsements, special events, etc.

Working alongside marketing managers, advertising managers, sales managers, public relations managers, promotions managers launch new product into the market. Candidates successfully completed bachelors or master's degree in business administration (MBA) have excellent opportunity to carve a better career in the field of business management. For candidates interested in business and promotion of new products, promotion management is exciting career option for them.

Career Definition
Promotion managers are found in every industry. A promotion manager leads the team of experts in coordinating the promotion of new product/service/business. Promotion managers achieve company's objective through direct contact with distributors, merchants, etc. A promotion manager communicates with people through radio, television, mail and internet to develop the business strategies.

How to Become a Promotions Manager
Candidates aspiring to become promotions manager need to complete either a four-year bachelor's degree or a two-year master's degree in business administration. A prospective promotion manager ought to take classes in:

Candidates aspiring to become promotions manager must complete internship related to their specialization. The internship offers candidates a thorough understanding of their respective career. This helps candidates to work more effectively on the job.

Skills required for a Career in Promotions Manager
Promotions managers should be able to execute their projects within deadlines given by clients. They need to work well even under pressure, interact with staff members, take appropriate judgment and communicate clearly with clients and team members. A promotions manager should have knowledge of computer programs and internet use.

Financial Outlook and Occupation
The occupation of promotions manager offers skilled professional high pay scale. An expert promotions manager may work in various small and large companies across the world. Skilled candidates get growth in this field as it is based on their educational qualification and work experience. Candidates having knowledge of computer applications and technology skills are in great demand.

Work Activities
A promotions manager has to deal with planning organization, prioritizing, developing specific objectives and achieve the target. A promotion manager has to be very active possessing interpersonal skills. A promotion manager should be:

Prerequisites to Become a Promotions Manager

Oral Expression
Candidates should possess good communication skills as a promotion manager has to interact with team members, clients, and other related people. A good communication skill facilitates manager to put his/her thoughts and ideas across the people effectively.

Oral Comprehension
In order to become a good manager, candidates need to develop their listening ability. One cannot understand others until they listen to speaker meticulously. Oral expression and oral comprehension are relatively important in the field of management. A promotion manager has to possess speech clarity so that others understand clearly.

Inductive Reasoning
A promotion manager must possess the ability to unite pieces of information to form conclusions and general rules.

Written Expression
It is very important to have good written skills. Most of the times, a promotion manager has to convey his/her thoughts, ideas or decisions to team members or clients. Many a times, this information is conveyed through writing. Thus, a manager should be good at written skills.

Problem Sensitivity and Speech Recognition
Problem sensitivity stands for ability to understand that something is wrong or going to be wrong. It involves the capability to understand if there is a problem(s). Speech recognition refers to the ability to understand and identify the speech of other people.

Written Comprehension
Most of the times, a promotion manager is informed, suggested and reported in written format. Therefore, a manager should be able to understand ideas and information presented in writing.

A promotion manager ought to have the ability to present creative and innovative ideas about situation and given topic.

Deductive Reasoning
A promotion manager should have the ability to apply rules to problems or situations that arise.. Inductive and deductive reasoning are crucial elements in the field of management.

The above discussed points are requirements to become a good promotions manager. Candidates holding masters degree in management and possessing above skills have bright future in the exciting field of business management.

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