Career in Sales Management

A career in sales management is a lucrative job option. A sales manager directs the program of a company. He/she sets goals, assigns sales territories and creates training programs for the sales representatives. Sales managers recommend sales representatives in order to increase their sales. In multi national companies, sales managers direct local and regional sales managers.

A sales manager has to interact with distributors and dealers. A sales manger has to analyze sales statistics collected by staff to decide sales requirements and potential to examine consumer's preferences.

The work prospect and responsibility of a sales manager varies from organization to organization. A sales manager's responsibility is to hire and train sales workers. He/she is responsible for worker's performance. In big companies, sales managers deal with assigning geographic regions to selling personnel. A sales manager represents his/her company in meetings and at trade association conferences to promote their products/services.

Some sales managers study customer's choices, direct and oversee product development and research. They are also in-charge of approving or recommending budgets for product development and research. A sales manger has to work closely with sales personnel. The responsibilities of a sales manager include:


A sales manager is also responsible for the expansion and performance of all sales related activities in the company. He/she leads the team towards attaining utmost growth and profitability in line with firm's value and vision. A sales manager establishes strategies and builds up plans to develop customer base in the field of marketing. A manager also contributes to expansion of training and educational programs for account executives and clients.

Educational Criteria
Candidates wishing to make a career in the field of sales management need to have completed bachelor's degree in business administration with specialization in marketing. It is an additional educational qualification for candidates who have completed courses in management, business law, accounting, economics, mathematics, finance and statistics. Candidates who have completed internship program during their schooling are highly preferred. In large companies, electronics manufacturing, computer knowledge, bachelor's degree in science, engineering, master's degree in business administration (MBA) is preferred.

Relationships and Roles


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