Careers in Training Management

A career in Training Management in one of the most rewarded job options. Training managers conduct and oversee training and development programs for employees. Management found that good training offers a way of enhancing skills, developing productivity, increasing quality of work and establishing loyalty of the organization.

Training management is very good option for those who wish to carve a better career in the realm of management. Training is broadly accepted as a method of reinforcing employee's confidence and morale. The appropriate training facilitates employee to work effectively.

The training management incorporates various factors like technological and organizational change, complexity of the work, produce new knowledge, increasing number of jobs, etc. The emergence of advanced learning theories have focused and enhanced learning strategies. The theory provides insight into how adults learn, how training must be organized and how to introduce various types of learning approaches.

Employment Opportunities
The increasing number of multi-national companies, various government departments, educational institutions and other sectors have widened the horizon of training management. A training manager has to organize, plan and direct an extensive spectrum of training activities.

A trainer organizes on-the-job training for new employees and conducts orientation sessions. A trainer facilitates workers to develop, enhance and improve job skills. Trainers help supervisors develop their interpersonal skills to cope effectively with employees. They employ individualized training preparations to toughen existing skills of employees.

Training managers build up leadership and conduct development programs for lower level employees. These training programs are designed and modified with the intention of developing employees potential and executives to replace those who are retiring. A trainer leads different programs to help employees with modifications owing to acquisitions, mergers and technological changes. Training managers act as case managers in many government-supported training programs.

A training manager has to carry out a number of responsibilities. Training managers facilitate the training needs of clients, guide them using proper and effective training method. Upon completing training, clients can be recommended to the representative of the employer relations or can receive placement assistance. Program development and planning are one of the two important parts of the training management. A trainer interacts with supervisors, managers or conduct surveys to identify and evaluate training needs within the company.

The responsibilities and methods used by training mangers may vary depending upon the size, nature and goals of the organization. Training methods comprise of apprenticeship training, on-the-job training,

Job Description
A training manager manages professional and learning development of a company's workforce. With the help of special training, a trainer provides thorough understanding, motivation and practical skills to execute specific work-allied tasks. A training manager delivers training sessions to employees.

The responsibility of a training manager is to plan and develop a complete and comprehensive training package that incorporates various training elements to maintain a stimulated and skilled workforce to meet the needs of an organization.

Work Activities
The occupation of training management interweaves a number of training and development elements. A training manager has to organize and develop various activities including:

Educational Qualification
The educational background of training managers differs considerably as reflecting the multiplicity of responsibilities and duties. Many organizations seek graduates who major in labor relations, industrial relations, human resources administration or human resources for entry-level jobs. Some of the employers seek graduates along with business background, technical or well-formed liberal arts education.

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