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The media and entertainment industry is comprised of different types of companies including multimillion dollar firms to small sovereign movie studios and production houses.

Media and entertainment industry is a glamorous industry having a talented and smart bunch of actors, actresses, writers, musicians, singers, directors and many others who want to be famous and catch the public eye.

However, the media and entertainment industry is not only about glamorous people. Although mostly occupied by wonderful stars, the media and entertainment world also needs many ordinary men and women in order to keep the industry functioning. Such man and woman power include high school dropouts to MBAs, PhDs in philosophy and computer programmers. They all work as a team to produce creative accomplishments into reel life. Such people are the backbone of the industry which helps the company to grow sustainable billion-dollar franchises and develop creative ways to keep the American public entertained and amused.

In the last few years, use of digital technology in the media and entertainment industry has increased at a great deal. In every aspect of this industry, digital technology is implemented to improve viewers' experience. With the use of digital technology in the entertainment world, the array of customer choices is widened and it also helps in simplifying product distribution process. Consumers are enjoying various facilities like video-on-demand (VOD) television, digital music downloads, digital satellite radio and digitally filmed movies. With every year, digitized delights grow rapidly.

As it happens with every revolution in consumer choice, the emergence of the digital entertainment world has upset previous business forms and prevailing firms in this industry. The most affected industry is the music industry. With the rise of Napster music sharing service, previous companies have no answer for this. Most recently, the rise of Apple's iTunes music-selling software has given CD sales companies sleepless nights. It forced the industry to reconsider the worth of the fine old record store. At the same time, TV products like TiVo provide a facility to record a show and watch it later. It makes it difficult for the Nielsen ratings to correctly count viewership for advertisers.

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