Careers in Development Organizations

There is an extensive range of opportunities in the "development" umbrella. There are different types of people working in this industry. In development organizations, there are people ranging from junior volunteers to the top-level senior executives.

Opportunities in the development organization careers range from micro finance to construction of bridges, from environmental work to assisting in spreading democracy to all the corners of the world. Most of the development organizations concentrate on economic growth and pecuniary skills.

There are various opportunities in the development organizations including building homes for villagers, developing small businesses and offering business skills.

Development is a very wide term. However, the following groups of organizations are typically incorporated under the "development" umbrella:

Some private firms are also involved in development work. Some branches of private companies perform as a non profit organization. For instance, most of the consulting and tax consulting firms have branches which operate in the field of development, economic growth and privatization. Clients of the development organizations are governments as well as public multinationals.

In order to make a career in development organizations, volunteering is considered as the first step. Volunteering may be a good option even though you donít look for lasting career in development organizations. Volunteering (long-term or short-term) is an excellent approach to experience a different culture while making a difference.

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