Pharmaceutical Careers

The pharmaceutical careers have a great demand in today's world. The pharmacist main job is to make products that cure the diseases and help humans to live a comfortable and healthy life.

For people health is the important aspect as it is said "HEALTH IS WEALTH". The pharmaceutical jobs include research work to discover new medicines, drugs or improve the existing products.

In the pharmaceutical careers, the tasks that are carried out are as follows:-

To enter the pharmaceutical careers, the basic qualification needed is diploma or Bachelor's degree in Pharmacy. Those who are interested in research work and want to work as scientists must have a Master's degree or may be post doctorate or Ph.D. Some of them who want to be a faculty member in colleges of institutes must have a master's degree or Ph.D. and good communication skills. However knowledge of physics, chemistry, biology, engineering, and computer science is also beneficial for a pharmacist job.

Other necessary skills:-
To enter the pharmaceutical careers, the skills that are necessary as follows:-

Place of work:-
In the pharmaceutical careers, most of them work in a clean and protective environment. Pharmacists work in retail drugstore, health care centers such as hospitals, nursing home, mental hospitals, and other health clinics. They work for 40 hours a week, but those in research work have to work for longer hours.

Consultant pharmacists may have to travel to nursing homes to study health of the patient. Those with a master's degree in pharmacy also go for faculty in colleges and institutes and some of them in research work spend their time in labs.

Job Opportunities:-
The pharmaceutical careers offer different types of job opportunities. They are as follows:-

In the pharmaceutical careers, the salary is comparatively good than other professionals. However, the salary also depends on the factors like education, experience, type of job and the place where they work. The pharmacists who are the owners of the departmental stores get a good profit. The pharmacists working in hospitals get a comparative fair amount of salary. Those with a post doctorate or Ph.D. who are working as scientists in pharmaceutical labs are the people who have to spend more time and money in research, but also get good salary packages. The pharmaceutical industries offer benefits like paid holidays, retirement plans, and medical insurance.

Job Progress:-
The pharmaceutical careers, entry-level jobs begin at staff level. Pharmacists working in chain drugstores can be promoted to pharmacy supervisors or as managers at the store level. With years of experience, they can become managers at the regional or district level, and finally can get an executive position within the chain's headquarters. In hospitals pharmacists, can be promoted to supervisors, or can be administrative head. After the pharmacists gain suitable experience and skills, they can even become owners of the independent pharmacies. Those working in pharmaceutical industry may advance in marketing, quality, production, sales, or other areas. Others in research, at enter as research assistants and then become senior researchers, scientists, or supervisors.

Employment forecast:-
The demand for pharmaceutical careers is expected to grow faster than the average of all other occupations. With the increase in the number of population, the diseases spread and also increase or mutate. Therefore, to cure the diseases and make a healthy world, the need for pharmaceutical jobs is going to be in demand in the coming years. The pharmacists who are consultants and counselors also have a profitable future as they make the people aware of the medications and the drugs that are available.

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