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A career in politics requires natural qualities more than the formal qualifications. The leadership skills and the inner urge to serve the nation and its peoples can lead an aspirant to achieve a successful career in politics. A political career generally starts from the lower or local levels of government.

Being a democracy, the success of the career in this field is based on the appreciation of the people and their votes. Sincere and efficient candidates reach higher levels of democracy.

The tasks in career in politics are numerous. The candidates must be assiduous and determined. Their job includes:

Qualifications Required
Generally, there are no prescribed qualifications to set off a career in politics. However, some political parties prefer to select candidates who are educated and hold certain degrees. In addition, other qualities like leadership, initiative and zeal are also required to work in politics related careers.

Other necessary Skills
More than the formal education, a candidate must possess skills like sincerity, devotion to the nation and people; inventiveness, ability to take initiatives, and leadership flair. The candidate must exhibit enthusiasm and readiness to serve the people. They should also possess high physical stamina, as they have to carry out fieldwork most of the time. Excellent communication and interpretation skills are vital for a career in politics. In addition, the candidate must have expertise in public speaking to convince the public to support his endeavors towards the society.

Place of Work
The career in politics requires the candidates to work at various locations. They work at various levels of government viz. local, state and federal government. Hence, they work at government offices or political parties' offices. In addition, they have to attend the sessions at the Legislative Assemblies and Parliament or Senate for passing the Bills and plans. Mostly, these professionals carry out fieldwork. They visit their constituencies and the people to interact with them. They supervise whether proper developments are taking place or not.

Job Opportunities
Career in politics has a wide range of jobs. The interested can work or get elected at any of the three levels of the government; local, state or federal. The ministers handle various departments 0f the government like administration, external or internal affairs, security, defense, health, public welfare, education, law, and order, etc. The leaders must volunteer and initiate from the lower levels of democracy like the local government department, union of workers, developmental activities for the people of a particular area, their representation etc. They generally work under a party or a political group. Once the candidates establish and make themselves popular among the people, the opportunities to grow their career become stronger.

Depending on the level they work, their wages and salaries differ. The federal government candidates are paid with maximum wages and allowances. The in �hand salary is fair, but the allowances and other facilities provided to them surpass all. They are provided accommodations, transportation, security etc. in addition, they hold immense authority and other powers. At some levels, the ministers or members of assemblies are even entitled for lifetime facilities and pensions from the government.

Job Progress
The career in politics favors the deserving and sincere candidates. The ministers, political party workers can start from the status of volunteers and representatives. Later, when they achieve, public support and appreciation for the service they deliver to the people, they can reach higher to the status of corporators and even ministers. From leaders of a union, to corporators, to members of legislative assemblies and then they can reach up to the parliaments or senates. However, the aspirants have to work really hard among the people, for their welfare and development to achieve their support and votes.

Employment Forecast
The career in politics would generate many opportunities and vacancies for the aspirants. The citizens of a country generally desire the youth to take over the politics, as they possess more amounts of enthusiasm and sincerity to serve the country, in addition, the people nowadays, wish their candidates and leaders to be well-educated apart from the leadership and public speaking qualities. Hence, the level of the eligibility has taken a hike in this career. The competition is expected to get keener in the coming days. Therefore, the aspirants must try to gain better qualifications and trainings in politics to ensure a successful career.

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