Protective Service Careers

Protective service occupations incorporate a number of career options such as fire fighters, correctional officers, police and detectives, gaming surveillance officers, private detectives and investigators. The primary work of these security personnel is to protect people and commodities from various hazards.

Individuals ought to be courageous with good educational background to get into police and detectives, one of the interesting and at the same time challenging protective service occupations. The job of police and detectives is to protect property and lives. Their duties depend upon the type and size of the organization. Police and detectives pursue and arrest individuals who break the law. They spend much of their time in maintaining records and writing reports of occurrences they encounter.

Sometimes, the work of police and detectives may be stressful and dangerous. They may face injury and illness while performing their work activities. Apart from dangers of confrontation with criminals, detectives and police officers require to be relentlessly ready and alert to deal properly with various threatening situations. At times, the protective service work is dangerous, which may lead officers to death from criminal behavior and accidents.

Another category of protective service occupations is correctional officers. These officers are also called detention officers when they serve in pretrial detention facilities. Their work is to supervise individuals who are arrested and awaiting trial or who are convicted of a misdeed and sentenced to serve time in a reformatory, jail, or penitentiary.

Protective service career in a correctional institution may be hazardous and stressful. A correctional officer may need to work indoors and outdoors. Some of the correctional institutions are temperature controlled, well lighted, and ventilated whereas others are overcrowded, noisy, and old. Nevertheless, prisons and jails can be hazardous places to work.

One of the protective service careers is fire fighters. The emergencies like fires take a number of lives and destroy billion of dollar properties every year. The work of fire fighters is to protect people against these dangers by way of responding to fires and various other emergencies. Fire fighters are first emergency personnel at the place of medical emergency and traffic accident.

Fire fighters need to spend ample amount of time at fire stations. Fire fighters have to respond when an alarm sounds. They have to perform their responsibilities in all type of weathers. This protective service occupation may involve a high risk of injury or death. Some common causes may comprise walls toppling, traffic accidents, floors caving, and exposure to smoke and flame.

Individuals who like to deal with hazardous and protect people, protective service occupations are very good career prospects for them to unfold their potentials. Individuals who are interested in this field should have good communication and interpersonal skills.

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