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Publishing is a huge industry in U.S. As per the statistics, more than 270,000 titles were issued and 6.5 millions books were printed by 70,000 publishers in U.S. There are big printing houses which run many imprints or labels. A leading publishing company, Simon & Schuster, operates more than 20 small and big divisions.

Some publishers are specialized in specific types of books such as books on interior designs, graphic novels, and so on. In 2007, more than 3 billions books were sold. However, for hardcover books, sales attrition may occur.

Nowadays, publishers offer numerous range of products than ever before. Authors like James Patterson and Patricia Cornwell create books using television and radio spots. There are various websites of publishers having original content. It provides a platform (like blogs and fan reviews) for the book-lovers community to share their individual experiences. In the last few years, audio book has become a regular part of various book packages, and even though this audio version is expensive than the print version, it has covered about 5 percent of the book market in no time.

J.K. Rowling continues to attract the children and youth category of book lovers. In 2007, the release of 'Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows' came with an early print run of 12 million, which was more than 10 percent as compared to the last installment. It constitutes a big part of the sales and revenue for that particular year. However, that is the last of the series, very unfortunate especially for the publisher 'Scholastic'. For books other than Harry Potter, bad publicity is the best publicity.

Publishing operations are comprised of a diverse combination of multinational companies, private firms, organizations as well as educational institutions. Most of the publishing firms are owned by other countries like Europe, Australia and Canada. These firms manage the reputed American publishing companies. Often, the leading U.S. publishing firms form a part of the multinational media firms. Each publishing firms has various departments; and in each department, there are various imprints also known as lines or lists.

The publishing careers across the industry include editors, marketing people, sales persons and production experts who carry out parallel tasks. The functional units or departments of book publishing firms are typically organized, especially around their imprints. Each product line is brand named. Often imprints concentrate on a particular generation of readers or their area of interest.

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