Residential Real Estate Brokers Career

Residential real estate brokers assist buyers as well as sellers to obtain or get rid of their residential property. Some residential real estate brokers are associated with buyers while others with sellers. They help customers to find the places to live and bargain with sellers.

However, it is unlikely that one agent represents both parties (seller and buyer) since it is against the ethics of the business. In U. S., there are more than half million real estate brokers and agents.

Agents are sales professional who work independently. They offer real estate services to the real estate broker on the basis of commission sharing contract. Normally commission on the residential is about 5 to 6 percent of the sale price. This commission is divided in four parts (the buyer’s agent, seller’s agent and the sponsoring brokers associated with each agent). Most of the real estate agents work exclusively.

Though there are various organizations which provide you classroom instruction, the state government conducts test and issues licenses to the prospective real estate agents. In order to get more information on the real estate as well as licensing, you can visit website of the National Association of Realtor’s

There are various types of personalities which work as real estate brokers. Most of the career switchers are end up in the residential real estate career. Real estate broker career is rewarding for those who wants to be their own boss and like to communicate with people.

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