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About Retail Field:

Retail industry is all selling goods which are made by others. Now days, everyone in U.S. is coming across retail industry. Retail industry encompasses from drugstore to the online bookstore. Retail industry is an unavoidable presence in American people.

As per the NRF (National Retail Federation), in 2007, the retail industry sold goods worth f $4.5 trillion which constitutes very big part of gross domestic production in U.S. Retail industry provides most employment opportunities.

As per Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), more than 15 million employees (about 11.6%) are working in retail industry. Most popular retail career is salespersons. Most salespersons are recruited in clothing stores. Along with salespersons, retailers also hire numerous employees in their head offices. These employees are recruited in the fields like finance, human resources, marketing and public relations.

The retail sector also supports various upcoming trends in the market. For instance, now days, retail sector is more inclined environment friendly products as there is increased consciousness about carbon emissions effects and global warming. Retailers also have take steps in this direction and started to offer green products to them. Home Depot, one of the largest retailer in the U.S., endorses about 2,500 environmentally friendly products in the Eco Options category.

Retailers are not just asking consumers to use eco-friendly products but they are also taking some measures to consume less fuel in the supply chain. They also try to use less energy. Various retail companies including clothing company American Apparel started towards ecologically friendly products. Consumers are demanding more to use solar electric system. It saves around 20 percent of electricity.

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