Working Culture in Telecommunication Industry

Telecommunication industry provides various career opportunities. There is plenty of work in this industry. As per the reports of BLS (Bureau of Labor Statistics), in 2006, there are one million job in the telecom industry. Two third of these employees work office, sales or support and administrative department. While other employees work in the installation, maintenance, and repair sections. In 2006, wire line telecommunications industry has around 49 percent of all telecommunications job positions.

While about 20 percent of job positions were with wireless carriers sector while 15 percent of the job positions were associated with cable firms and program distributors. Remaining employees were working for satellite telecommunications industry and service resellers. As per the BLS, it is also important to have flexible and diverse skill sets in the rapidly changing telecomm industry.

Telecom industry is very daunting as there are sudden ups and downs in the industry. In 2000, about 300,000 jobs are cut. In 2008, telecom firms have began to cut the jobs in awake of economic slow down. Companies are also forced to cut the excessive jobs when they are merging. Even though the demand for telecom services has increased, BLS suggests that employment growth in the sector will be just by 5 percent during 2006 to 2016.

As a employee in telecomm industry, one should have excellent communication skills. Customer service agents need to handle calls from restless subscribers with charm and excellent humor. Technicians face customers while installing or fixing the systems and network equipments. There are sales representatives who need always smile in order to get corporate accounts. Communication also plays important role inside office as front-line as well as call center employees serve as liaison between management and subscribers.

Job outsourcing is also an important factor in which customer service positions can be managed easily in Bangalore, India as in Dayton, Ohio. Also networks are dependant on based on physical part including cell phone towers, fiber-optic cables so it is necessary for telecom companies to increase, expand and upgrade their staff in order to manage their staff. According to many employees, flexible scheduling is an appreciated quality of their career. Salespeople, marketers and managers are permitted to set work time. No one will complaint as long as they are taking their company forward.

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