Tourism Careers

he tourism career is considered as one of the most rewarding careers. The forecast for this particular career is very bright and thriving. It offers ample employment options to the aspirants. The variety of occupations in this field is quite vast. These include tourism management, administration, hospitality, information generation etc. The tourism career can be of 2 types:
Domestic; and International.

Both the industries are considered profitable. There are some counties in the world whose national economy depends on the tourism and travel grossly. Therefore, a good knowledge of the relevant stream, communication skills and certification can enable a candidate to establish a steady and worthwhile career in this sector.


The tourism career demands a number of responsibilities from the professionals involved in this industry. They have to:

Qualifications Required

Other necessary Skills
Other qualities that aid the candidate to seek for good employment in tourism career are:

Place of Work
The place of work for the professionals in tourism career has a broad range. They can work from offices or homes. In addition, they also work as guides and escorts and thus, they travel along with the clients. If they work as faculties, their location is the institute or the university. They can also be deployed in hotels, tourist places like museums, art galleries, forts, palaces etc.

Job Opportunities
A huge number of job opportunities await the skilled and trained professionals in the tourism career. There is a wide variety of core and related careers and occupations:

The wages and allowances for the professionals who work for the central and state government are quite higher. In addition, private tourism and travel agencies also offer handsome salaries to their employees depending on the kind of job they pursue. Along with the take-home pays, they also receive certain packages and free tours. Most of the firms also provide insurance to their agents and employees.

Job Progress
The job development in the tourism career can be attained with the enhancement in experience and training. With years of experience, the employees can achieve the levels of trainers, manager and supervisors. They can even be appointed as consultants and advisors as they accumulate training and experience. The professionals at later stage of the career also set up firms and agencies of their own. Some of the successful experts can also turn trainers and faculties at schools with courses related to tourism and travel.

Employment Forecast
The tourism career holds a great scope of advancements in the future. In addition, the tourism industry also offers a wide range of occupations and employment. However, the candidates are expected to possess higher amounts of skills and training to achieve a promising career. The deserving and the aspirants with expertise and caliber can accomplish a well-paid and lucrative career.

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