Chemistry Resume

Just like the job role of a chemist involves experimenting chemical properties of substances and generating new formulas, the same way you have to experiment with a resume every time you apply for a job. This doesn't mean you have to have change the entire looks and information on the resume. What is needed is to keep updating the resume as and when you acquire new skills and work experience.

Some of the elements on the resume that will remain the same are: Work Experience, Summary of Skills, Education, Awards & Achievements, and personal contact information. Just highlighting and emphasizing on what you are best at will do the trick in luring the recruiters to schedule an interview. For that, you need the resume that will act as a stimulant. One way to make it so is by customizing this chemistry resume template.

Chemistry Resume Template

Contact Information:

Start writing your resume by adding personal details. Mention your full name, address with city and zip code, followed by contact details. You can mention it in the left or a center-aligned format. Keep the order of the personal details like this:

Full name
Permanent Address
Telephone numbers
Email address

Job Objective:

A job objective is written on the resume in order to describe your motive for the job. Recruiters generally gauge a candidate's based on what he/she intends to achieve in the given role. It also helps the recruiter to determine whether the candidate's goal is in accordance with the company's goals.

For example:

"To use my knowledge and skills to succeed in an organization that nurtures growth and excellence. To excel in my career through hard work and to achieve a stellar feat in the field of Nuclear Chemistry."

Profile Summary:

The purpose of writing a summary is to sell your professional experience to the hiring manager. This section is used to aptly describe your professional expertise as well as personal traits that can be beneficial in landing a job. While writing a summary statement, it is advisable to highlight the most pertinent qualities or achievements, and make sure you mention the same in bullets. The size of this section must be a minimum three bullets and must not be more than ten 'bullet points'.


Mention your highest degree first, then the name of the university along with city and state using punctuation marks at the right place, and lastly, the year of passing. Subsequently, you can mention details about your thesis or project followed by your GPA.

For example:

Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry
ABC University, Chicago, IL

You can list your remaining educational qualifications in reverse chronological order.

Experience: Similar to educational details, list your latest experience first. While mentioning it, begin with the position held, the name of the organization, and the place where it is situated. After that, mention the time period for which you've been working over there. Then comes the most important part where you should list down your work portfolio and mention all the duties that you had performed.

For example:

Junior Chemist
Exxon Research and Development, Houston, Texas
October 2015 – Present

You can subsequently list down your previous work experiences in the similar manner.

Special Skills:

In this section, try to mention additional skills that you posses. It may typically include job specific skill, knowledge of special tools, or language skills. List your skills in bullets and try to mention the most relevant skills first.

Extracurricular Activities:

List down activities involving sports, social work, activities performed by the clubs or organizations that you were a part of. Besides, you can also add information on conferences that you've attended and publications in which your work has been published.

Just remember to use action verbs to describe your work experience on the resume. For recruiters are not interested in your responsibilities, but the things your have performed.

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