Computer Vision Engineer Resume

A computer vision engineer resume must compel the readers in creating a virtual image of the applicant as being efficient in researching, implementing, and using primitive technology for providing sight and senses to computers. The readers must be able to gauge your abilities in providing high-level intelligence to computer for identifying and sensing the physical features of images or videos by reading the resume. Further, the resume must demonstrate that you have the programming skills to separate or make it easy for computers to interpret symbolic information and take appropriate actions. In short, a computer vision engineer must showcase skills in giving the gift of vision to computers.

Necessary skills that need to go in the computer vision engineer are math, computer programming, database management objected-oriented languages, analytical, critical-thinking, clear reasoning, and logical thinking. As far as experience is concerned, it will depend whether the potential employers provide technological solutions to the defense, manufacturing, or pharmaceutical industries. Nevertheless, experience is robotics, machine-learning algorithms, real-time video analytics, and with a wide range of systems is essential. Most importantly, emphasize your competence in developing and testing vision algorithms for controlling robots in the resume.

Computer Vision Engineer Resume Sample

Brenda D. Bland
729 Buffalo Creek Road
Nashville, TN 37207
Phone: 615-944-2227

Career Summary

Dedicated and detail-oriented Computer Vision Engineer with 7+ years of experience in developing and testing machine learning algorithms for robotics. Proficiency with C++, PCL, 3D computer vision, video analytics algorithms, and real-time video analytics. Strong passion for optimizing software design for embedded systems, researching and implementing machine learning technology for client companies.

Summary of Skills

Work Experience

Computer Vision Engineer
Skyline Studios, Nashville, TN
June 2017 – Present .

Computer Vision Engineer
Novel Robotics, Nashville, TN
September 2015 – May 2017

Computer Vision Engineer
Nucleus Lab, Nashville, TN
January 2012 - August 2015


Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science
Sleek University, Nashville, TN


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